Art Show Roundup

Hey lil’ dawgies. Whenever I do a roundup, it makes me want to get all Southern and twangy… but I’ll try to hold back for fear of completely freaking ya’ll out.

Here are some pretty great shows that have either just opened or are opening quite soon.

1. FLANDERS GALLERY in Raleigh, NC – The show entitled, Make Ends Meet features the work of Mathew Curran, Jonathan Brilliant and yarn-bombing extraordinaire Olek. The show is larger than life with Mat’s impressive stencil work, Jonathan’s installation featuring endless loops utlizing 50,000 wooden coffee stirrers and 4,500 coffee cup sleeves and Olek’s… well… Olek covered the ENTIRE gallery…! Open now!

2.BOOMBOX-TASTIC CUSTOM ONLINE SHOW – Check out to see a custom show of limited non-working resin versions of Jasin Dollin’s Lil’g platform.

Chris Dyer’s custom work for the show

3. THE ONE MAN ARMY – Flying Fortress is back in NYC and is heating things up for us with this solo show at The Mighty Tanaka. Opens June 15.

4. FOUR OF A KIND feat. REGA, EVOKER, MikeDie and ChrisRWK – At L.I.C.K. Gallery in Long Island City, NY. Show runs until the end of Aug.

5. UNNATURAL SELECTION at myplasticheart feat. new work by Leontine Greenberg and Lou Pimentel.

Opening Reception: Friday June 29th 2012 6 – 9pm. Exhibition runs through July 29th 2012.

Now get out there and see some art!

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