FullerDesigns Custom Fonzo

grr1 grr2

As we build on the excitement with the previews for Fonzo Love NY, I’ve got a new piece in store for you today. Say “hi” to “Grr…” a custom from FullerDesigns (James Fuller). According to the artist, Grr is “a little monster of the jungle that doesn’t want to be a monster so he dresses up like the other animals to fit in and make friends. But, they always know he’s not a real tiger.” This custom makes you take a second look to check out that impressive work on the face and the equally great paint job. Check our this same character on a skate deck on the FullerDesigns website.

James also provided us with an image of his trusty companion, Maxx. He’s a Lab who is great with the kids, hell on rabbits and cats, and is a loyal and loveable family pet.


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