Ian Ziobrowski’s Custom Fonzo for Fonzo Love NY

Tonight marks the opening of the Freak Store x mph custom show, Fonzo Love NY , so this will be the final preview before the show! This is the “Fonzo Growbot” created by Ian Ziobrowski from acrylic, Sculpey, wood, plastic and LEDs.

According to the artist:

“The Fonzo Growbot, is one of the many interesting grow facilities created by NUGGs. This old scrappy robotic, piece of junk is completely self reliable. It produces its own energy, gathers its own water, and feeds its own plants. Once every 3 months NUGGS comes back around to gather his greens, and the cycle continues on as long as there are no interferences.”

I want to tease you a bit today with this one since the show’s opening is tonight, so here is just a small peek at this custom. And for those of you on the mph preview list, you will have seen it all… lucky you! Remember: the show opens tonight from 6 – 9pm at 210 Forsyth Street.


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