myplasticheart presents :: Unnatural Selection

myplasticheart is excited to announce Unnatural Selection, a show featuring new works by Lou Pimentel & Leontine Greenberg, opening Friday, June 29 from 6-9pm, and running until July 29. In this exhibit, each artist has taken his and her spin on the idea of the theme, in which nature adapts to the technology of today. Leontine takes the perspective of nature fighting back by re-adapting the very tech that is meant to control it. Lou’s creatures decided that in this tech-heavy world, they were in need of an upgrade, and took it upon themselves, rather than evolution, to do the work.

“In our built environment, humans typically try to eradicate or control nature. These paintings explore what happens when nature fights back, absorbing and re-adapting the technology meant to contain it. In this world, nature tends to have a sense of humor and a genuine fondness for engineering.”

– Leontine Greenberg

” These creatures, took matters into their own hands. Using found objects, they created makeshift versions of things they felt would give them an advantage in today’s world. Some of the changes are purely for aesthetic purposes.
Attracting a mate, and procreating is important for the continuation of a species. BUT, some of the other improvements are much more radical, like using satellite technology to find food and migration patterns. We’ve been using Google maps for years, and it is about time the animal kingdom got on board.”

– Lou Pimentel

Artist Bios:

Leontine Greenberg grew up in Tucson, Arizona, and now lives in Jackson Heights, Queens with her husband, daughter and two cats. Her favorite cities are Barcelona, Hong Kong, and New York.  Her favorite foods are Pad Thai and mayonnaise sandwiches.  She does not always eat her vegetables.

Leontine’s work has been shown at galleries around the country, including ThinkSpace Gallery, Gallery1988, C.A.V.E. Gallery and myplasticheart NYC.  She is inspired by other people’s photographs, old boats, city rooftops, the coming environmental apocalypse and Beatrix Potter.

Lou Pimentel is a multidisciplinary artist based out of New York City. Born in Santo Domingo, the heart of the Dominican Republic, he and his family made the move to Florida when he was four years old and subsequently settled in Brooklyn five years later. Having started drawing at age four with the help of his father, he eventually found inspiration in his teenage years from the pages of comic books and the vibrant street art scene of his adopted city. However, not satisfied with relying soley on his self-honed skills, Pimentel applied and was accepted to the prestigious School of Visual Arts in NYC, where he earned his BA in Illustration. Upon graduation and now armed with the techniques of the old masters but still retaining the indelible influence of street and pop-art, his work is a visual outpouring, reflective of the inspirations that guide his life – his daughter Maddie, cartoons, graffiti and the art that surrounds us in our every day lives. No matter what the medium, whether it be oils, acrylics, spray paint, water colors and sculpting, Lou takes pleasure in utilizing whatever methods necessary in order to convey his artistic directions.

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