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Tuesday, September 6th, 2016


It is that time of the year again! New York Comic Con 2016 is October 6, 2016. The Block! returns again for its fifth year. As we have in prior years, along with our releases and events, we will provide you with the most extensive guide to signings and releases in The Block! Bookmark the blog entry for the most up to date information. Print it out as a handy guide so you don’t miss out! Remember, New York Comic Con starts Thursday morning at 10am! TOMORROW!

In alphabetical order:

Argonauts Resins / The Jelly Empire / Xmoor Studios – Booth 404

Spray Can Magnet Resins –

Sunday 10/9
Laura Alvarez

Art Whino – Booth 104 / 108

Boron Cavus Bloom by Kyle Kirwan – Ltd to 10
Lou Pimentel ‘It’s A Trap’ Print
Lou Pimentel ‘Ridin’ Dirty’ Print


BAIT – Booth 408


BeeFy and Co – Booth 421

Penjipoo Plush – Ltd 100, $25
Turtipoo Plush – Ltd 250, $30

Bigshot Toyworks – Booth 309

Jason Freeny Gnomeboy Anatomic Figure
Southern Fried Gentleman Chibi Figure
UNICROM the Unicorn Barbarian Figure
Mother Earth 14″ by AngryBlue

Big Kev’s Geek Stuff – Booth 401

Arsine Cavus Bloom by Kyle Kirwan – Ltd to 10

Boundless Brooklyn – Booth 114

Lou Pimentel ‘Esperanza’ Water Tower – $45
Chris RWK ‘My Ad Here’ Water Tower – $45

Lou Pimentel
Andrea Kang

Camilla d’Errico – Booth 215

Sir Reginald Enamel Pins
Suckerpunch & Make it Rain Tote Bags – Ltd to 50 each
Pop Manga Coloring Book
Canvas print “The Melting Mind”
Canvas print “Silence of the Lamb”
“Puff” Large Format Print
Rainbow Children Artbook
Buttercup Ltd. Edition Watch – Ltd to 10
Decorative Plates – Ltd to 1, 5 different designs

Clutter Magazine – Booth 603

Scott Wilkowski 5″ Infected Dunny Lavender – Ltd to 100, only 50 at NYCC, $175
Scott Wilkowski 5″ Infected Dunny Sour Apple – Ltd to 100, only 50 at NYCC, $175
Smorkin Monger Jerome Superman Colorway – Ltd to 25, $20
Galaxy Bedtime Bunny and Uamou Set – Ltd to 10, $80
Rose C’est La Vie Bedtime Bunny – Ltd to 50, $40 (Free Goodies with Purchase)
Stibine Cavus Bloom by Kyle Kirwan – Ltd to 10
Restore Neo Japan ‘Guren’ – Ltd to 10, $120
Restore Iron Meat Burning Sun – Ltd to 10, $120
Restore Collectlister Zan – Ltd to 10, $120
Luke Chueh Black and Gold Dissected Bear Head – Ltd to 50, $100
Josh Kimberg Venus Penetrator – Ltd to 15, only 5 at NYCC, $165
Eimi Takano Magical Girl Donut Cats – Ltd to 3, $90 Ltd to 1 Crystal Base, $99
KidRobot DTA Exclusive Twelvedot Incognito Black – Ltd to 150, $35
Prerelease Boglin Blindbox Mini Series – $6
Kidlew Custom Spray Cans

Peter Kato

Cotton Candy Machine – Booth 122

Thurs 10/6
12-3pm – Lori Nelson
6pm – Tara McPherson

Friday 10/7
12-3pm – Lori Nelson
6pm – Tara McPherson

Saturday 10/8
12pm – Lauren YS
2pm – Tara McPherson
4pm – Arik Roper
6pm – Lauren YS

Sunday 10/9
12pm – Dima Drjuchin
2pm – Tara McPherson

Dave Perillo / Tom Whalen – Booth 116

Various Prints and Pins

DKE Toys – Booth 423

Hobo Fett by Manly Art – Edition of 25 $90.00
Darth Buddha by Random Skull Productions – Edition of 25 $40.00
Jedi Master Yoga by Jedi Master Jay – Edition of 50 $45.00
D’OH Boy by PHX – Edition of 30 $65.00
Star Weird: PerFett & Boombox by by Topztoy – Edition of 40 $40.00
Reservoir Troopers by RYCA – Edition of 20 $165.00
Mavi Krom Uzay by RYCA – Edition of 40 $45.00
Red Guy and Blue Guy by Barbarian Rage – Edition of 50 $45.00
IG-BABA by Healeymade – Edition of 10 $100.00
Wookie Hash Pipe: Luce Skytoker by Jim Mahfood – Edition of 50 $100.00
Riot Scum: Greeloo by Buzzard Guts – Edition of 20 $45.00
Bortman by Kill! X Virva Peikko – Edition of 30 $65.00
C-P33N by Kill! X Virva Peikko – Edition of 30 $55.00
Wars Not Make One Great by Free Humanity – Edition of 50 $100.00
R2-SL1200 by Artbot138 – Edition of 40 $65.00
HipHop Wars: HipHop Trooper by Special Ed Toys – Edition of 50 $75.00
R2-Lean Too by Dollar $lice Bootlegs – Edition of 25 $45.00
Jawa Bunny by Flat Bonnie – Edition of 25 $50.00
Salacious Protester by Special Ed Toys – Edition of 50 $30.00
Darth Trump by Timebandits x Special Ed Toys – Edition of 25 $85.00
Ewoking Dead lapel pin by Killer Bootlegs – $15.00
Killer lapel pin by Killer Bootlegs – $10.00
Germane Cavus Bloom by Kyle Kirwan – Ltd to 10

Frombie – Booth 607

Mechy Pang 2.0
Cheshire SB

Fugitive Toys – Booth 410

Rock to Vote Snoopy 3 Pack – $23

FUNKO – Booth 722

Dorbz Freddy Funko I Heart NYCC
Reaction Golden Girls
Reaction Dark Crystal Garthim Box Set
Pop Movies Twilight Hooded Jane
Pop Movies Scott Pilgrim Digital Knives Chau
Pop Movies Scott Pilgrim Astro Boy Scott
Pop Anime Dragonball Z Super Saiyan Trunks
Pop TV Walking Dead Shane
Pop TV iZombie Olivia Moore with Hood
Dorbz Suicide Squad Harley Quinn with Mallet
Dorbz Suicide Squad Deadshot with Eyescope
Pop Movies Grenade Damage Joker
Pop DC Killing Joke Joker
Pop DC Classic Batgirl
Pop DC White Lantern Batman
Pop DC Rainbow Batman
Pop TV Legends of Tomorrow Hawkgirl
Pop Marvel X-Men Kitty Pryde
Dorbz XL Thanos
Dorbz X-Men Mohawk Storm
Dorbz X-Men Juggernaut
Pop Marvel Chef Deadpool
Pop Animation Square Bear
Pop Animation Bubi Bear
Pop Strawberry Shortcake and Huckleberry Pie Set
Pop Animation Magilla Gorilla and Mr Peebles Set
Dorbz Ridez Penelope Pitstop
Dorbz Ridez Banana Splits Drooper
Dorbz Ridez Banana Splits Fleegle
Dorbz Yogi Bear Set
Pop Ridez NYC Tax Freddy Funko
Pop Disney Barbossa with Monkey
Pop Disney Seated Salley with Cat
Pop Disney Behemoth
Pop Star Wars Rogue One Bistan
Pop Star Wars Qui Gon Jinn
Pop Rides Indy’s Ride

Hero Complex Gallery – Booth 228

“Legendary Defender” Foil Variant by Kako

Thurs 10/6 through Sun 10/10
AJ Frena
Glen Brogan
JP Valderrama
John Aslarona
Kevin Wilson
Marko Manev
Patrick Connan
Robert Bruno
Tracie Ching
Vance Kelly
James Rheem Davis
Tim Anderson
New Flesh
Alina Chau
Rhys Cooper

KidRobot – Booth 502

All releases to order for pick up here
Blown Back ‘Bubblegum’ 3″ Dunny Series by Josh Mayhem – $150
Lord Strange 8″ Dunny by Brandt Peters – $80
The Odd Ones 3″ Howie Phillips by Scott Tolleson – $15
The Simpsons 3″ Radioactive Man GID – $15
Street Fighter V GID M. Bison – $15

Martian Toys – Booth 214

RxSeven ‘Frail & Desolate’ Resin Sculpture – Limited Soft Release

Mishka NYC – Booth 402


myplasticheart – Booth 113

‘Saints’ Custom Trikky by Andrea Kang – Ltd to 3, $225
Various Boxcat (Box, Watermelon, Wood, Peach) Resins by Rato Kim – Ltd pieces at $8 – $135
The Eliminator by Brent Nolasco – $90
GID Half Galaxy Uamou by UAMOU – $40
Tamed Rose Buns by Plushplay – $135
Chlor Cavus Bloom by Kyle Kirwan – Ltd to 10, $30
Treeson : Be Kind & Silly by Bubi Au Yeung – Ltd to 100, $55
Rabbit Man by Eloise Kim – Ltd to 50, $75
Mogu Resin Figures by Otto Bjornik, Kali and Kana – Ltd to 15 each, $40
Andrea Kang ‘Puff’ Enamel Pin – $10
Chris RWK ‘I Woke Up Like This’ Enamel Pin – Ltd 113, $10
Matt Siren ‘Ghost Girl’ Enamel Pin – $10
Sugar Fueled Halloween Pin Set – $40
myplasticfrog APO Frogs by twelvedot – Ltd to 10, 5 of each variant, $160 each
Konatsu Daioh Negora Dream Fantasy – $80
Seulgie Red Devil Rory – $160
Seulgie Black Kitty Devil Rory – $180
Inami Toyland Tumble Tops Blind (Red, Yellow or Blue) – $12
Instinctoy Vincent Pastel Pearl Rainbow – $290
Instinctoy Mini Muckey Pastel GID / Rainbow GID – $70
Instinctoy Bat Liquid Gold / Silver – $50
Instinctoy GYAWO Zombie / Crazy – $135
Instinctoy King Corpse Mixed Color – $400
Reactor88 Custom 5″ Dunnys – $180
5″ Wood Androids – $120
Andrew Bell Karoshi San Area 51 – $65
Lou Pimentel The Robin Custom Mini Munny
Lou Pimentel The Bee Custom Mini Munny
Lou Pimentel The Goldfinch Custom Mini Munny

Friday 10/7
2-3pm – Andrea Kang
3-4pm – Sugar Fueled
4-5pm – ChrisRWK
5-6pm – Kevin Tam

Saturday 10/8
1-2pm – Brent Nolasco
2-3pm – Seulgie
3-4pm – Kevin Tam

PIQ – Booth 614

NYCC PIQ Kawaii Mystery Box – Ltd to 25 per day, $35
Critters by Horrible Adorables – Ltd to 6
Sugar Fueled – Originals, Canvas, Prints and Pins

Thurs 10/6
Sugar Fueled

Sat 10/8
Sugar Fueled

Spoke Art – Booth 417

Spoke Art x Toddland x Bob’s Burgers “Kuchi Kopi” tote bag

Super7 – Booth 126

Masters of the Universe Errol McCarthy Card Art Collection Vol 1 – First 100 get hand signed postcard, $65
Wing Kong Maroon Baboon – $95
Skeletor Soft Vinyl Figure – $65
Beastman Soft Vinyl Figure – $65
Steve Caballero Orange Cab Dragon – $50
Reaction Gillman Creature From The Black Lagoon – $10
Reaction Bloody Jason Vorhees – $10
Reaction Biohazard Alien Queen – $20
Mister Mint Foster – $25
Autumn Blazer Honbo – $35
Blue Spectre SD Dukewashi – $35
Mummy Boy Micro Pink – $10
Rose Vampire Micro Pink – $10

Tenacious Toys Collective – Booth 309

Tavvon Reynolds (The 3D Hero) – Very Dairy Justice League custom series
Big C – Baby Fatts Tenacious Toys Clear Blue figure: 5 pieces at $60 ea
Cat Atomic – custom 3in, 5in and 8in Dunnys
Dollar Slice Bootlegs – exclusive colorway of Radical Muslim figure
Evilos – exclusive custom painted Funko POP Star Wards ME-809 Protocol Droids: 10 pcs at
Space Ghost Funko POPs signed by voice actor George Lowe
Space Ghost Funko POPs signed by editor Jon Schnepp
GUUMON – Daigomi exclusive colorway: 5 pieces at $250 ea
GUUMON – Bangagon exclusive colorway: 5 pieces at $250 ea
HungryGhostt – Alien Chest Burster 4in Magnets: 5 pieces at $20 ea
Jason Meents – exclusive sticker packs
Manly Art – Darth Dealer with Crystal Sith: 25 pieces at $60 ea
NEMO – Exclusive Tenacious Tiki 2.5″ resin mini figure
Obscure – exclusive colorway of Pocket Oop: 15 pieces at $20 ea
Rampage Toys – various sofubi incl custom painted and new sculpts
RenOne – Borts Burger figure: 10 pieces at $60 ea
RenOne – Night of the Comet Zombie Cop figure: 10 pieces at $40 ea
Rufus / Renone – Skippy “Blue Balls” edition from the @renonelab FUK series: 10 pcs at
Rufus – Feeling Cocky “Too Cold To Hold” edition: 10 pcs at $35 ea
Rufus – Mr Softy 2″ resin figures: 10 pcs at $35 ea
Steven Cartoccio – Concrete Jungle Frankpool NYCC Exclusive figure
TobyArt – Blue Zen Panda resin figure
Touma – exclusive colorway of Pico Mao 1.5″ figure: 50 pieces at $15 ea
UNCLE Studio – MoonEyes & Stranded Cosmonaut custom Omen set: $1200
UNCLE Studio – Dead Space custom Calavertia: $125
UNCLE Studio – Moon Prince 4in resin figure: 10 pieces at
UNCLE Studio – Galactic Asault 8in MechaDunny: $250
UNCLE Studio – Geimfari 8in custom Atropa Dunny: $250
Jason Freeny Brick Baby Debut – Ltd to 40 (10 per day), $120
Bromine Cavus Bloom by Kyle Kirwan – Ltd to 10, $30

Jason Freeny – (day/time TBD)
Rampage Toys (Jon Malmstedt) – (day/time TBD)
Manly Art (Jason Chalker) – (day/time TBD)
RenOne & Rufus – (day/time TBD)

Tokidoki – Booth 616

NYCC Exclusive Liberty Unicorno

Friday 10/7
3 – 5pm – Tokidoki

Saturday 10/8
2 – 4pm – Signing at Sterling Publishing Co. Booth #2054

ToyQube – Booth 121

Ron English COMBRAT 12″ action figure, with exclusive print special – $135
Ron English Popeye Grin
Kenny Scharf Bombzy “Late night” – $35
Kenny Scharf Bombzy “GID” – $35
Astro Boy Liberty green edition
Alex Pardee Astronaut Abominable Edition – $130
Germs Lucha Squid”
Jim Mckenzie The Scarecrow – Ltd to 180, $165
Mishka x Edward Colver Peace of Shit

Fri 10/7
2pm – Jim Mckenzie

Sat 10/8
2pm – Jim Mckenzie

Time TBD
Ron English

Toy Tokyo – Booth 101

Funko Metallic Green Power Ranger
Darkest Night Batman
Clear Space Ghost
Mega Man Thunder Beam
Glow-in-the-Dark Wolfman
Dorbz Ridez Count Chocula
Dorbz Monster Cereals Set
NYCC Exclusive Liberty Grin by Ron English

Furuya, 1960s Suit Ultraman Actor

Friday 10/7
1pm – Jason David Frank (Green Power Ranger)

Sunday 10/9
1pm – Jason David Frank (Green Power Ranger)


NYCC Events

DTA Dunny Show at Clutter Booth #603
Gamera Girl Custom Show at Martian Toys Booth #214
Customs Jam at Argonauts Resins Booth #404
Confection Affection Custom Show at PIQ Booth #614

Thursday 10/6

Friday 10/7
Awesome Kongs custom Boundless Brooklyn mailbox show- 7 – 9pm
Grumpy Bert
82 Bond St
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Saturday 10/8
Miotsukushi – Aya Kakeda Solo Exhibition – 6 – 8pm
AG Gallery
310 Grand Street
New York, NY 11211

Bwana Spoons – 6- 8pm
Good Gravy Pop-UP Party
36 South 4th# D8
Brooklyn New York 11249

Designer Toy Awards – 8pm
Hudson Terrace
621 West 46th Street
New York, NY 10036

Sunday 10/9

Konatsuya exhibition opens Sept. 16th

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016



myplasticheart is honored to host the upcoming exhibition by Japanese artist Konatsu. Konatsu is best known for Negora, her immensely popular kaiju cat character. The exhibition will consist of special release items including Negora, Daioh Negora, Shibara & Mamera figures. Original paintings will also be available as well as custom hand painted figures by Konatsu and a selection of popular Japanese artists. In addition there will be a variety of Konatsu branded accessories to fill out your collection.

Artists contributing custom pieces includes :

UAMOU | KORATERS | T9G | Keiko Miyata | DEVILROBOTS | Noriya Takeyama | Mai Nagamoto | Monster Factory | DAN | Kakeruri | KAIJIN | Sunguts | Rampage | Skulltula | Shon | Kin Kuzushima | Shimomoku (Studio Mitsurin) | Mikio (Studio Mitsurin) | Fuji (Studio Mitsurin)

Join us on Friday Sept 16th from 7-10pm for the opening reception. Konatsu will be in attendance and refreshments will be served. Exhibition runs through October 16th 2016.

Konatsuya Exhibition
Friday Sept 16th 7-10PM
210 Forsyth St. NYC

If you would like to meet Konatsu and get a signature or sketch from her please keep in mind of the following schedule :

Friday Sept. 16th
7PM – 10PM Opening night reception w/ Konatsu
8PM – 9PM Live painting session
9PM – 10PM Meet & greet with Konatsu (signatures allowed, NO SKETCHING)

Saturday Sept. 17th
2PM – 5PM Sign & sketch session
*Please note: Limited to 20 people (first come first serve) for those who make purchases of $30 or more.

We will be giving out line tickets starting at 1PM EST on Friday Sept 16th at the gallery, 210 Forsyth St. NYC. Tickets will be numbered and will be used to determine purchase order starting at 7pm. We will begin lining up for purchases starting at 6:30PM.
Purchases will be limited to 1 per customer in each of the following categories :
Konatsu Negora custom
Other artist custom
Konatsu original painting
Dilute Daioh Negora
Melon Soda Shibara & Mamera
Negora Orange & Lemon

We will not be offering an online preview of the available work before the opening. Remaining exhibition pieces will be made available online on Monday Sept 19th.

RSVP Here –
Join our Preview List –

Play : New works by Calvin Ma and Erika Sanada

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015


myplasticheart presents ‘Play’, an exhibit featuring new works by San Francisco based sculptors Erika Sanada and Calvin Ma. Both artists take on decidedly different approaches to the theme but are connected in the whimsical nature of the final outcome of their work. The pieces for this show represent their childhood experiences and the need to express and revisit emotions both good and bad. They each give their interpretations on the theme of ‘Play’ and what it means to them:

I create odd ceramic creatures that represent my fear, worry and anxieties. I’ve been worrying every little things since I was child. For example, I worried getting germs from door nob, bench, and other stuff, and I afraid of breaking relationship with my friends.. But now, I had kind of break though with my anxieties and I feel much better than before. So this new series, ‘Play’ represent I’m dealing with my fears and worries well. I made my ceramic puppies and birds playful and joyful, but still it has a little bit of bitter taste like my state of mind – Erika Sanada

My work for this show is a bit different from what I usually make and something I’ve been itching to do for a while. Toys and action figures were such a huge part of my childhood and memories of playing with them as a kid drives my passion for what I do now in the studio. The aesthetic of my work is heavily inspired by the whimsical nature of toys with a bit of gloominess to it. As a kid, you use your imagination and put yourself in the shoes of your favorite plastic hero and create adventures for them. With that in mind, I’ve put together a small series of my generic ceramic figures all dressed up in superhero costumes and they’re ready to play! – Calvin Ma

Please join us for the opening reception on Saturday December 12th from 7-10pm. Both artists will be in attendance to chat and discuss their work. Exhibition runs through December 31st 2015.

New works by Erika Sanada and Calvin Ma
Opening Reception Saturday, December 12th 2015 7-10pm
Exhibition runs through December 31st 2015

myplasticheart toy store & gallery
210 Forsyth St.
New York NY 10002

About Erika Sanada
My work reflects the weird and the creepy; I am fascinated with the dark side. “Odd Things” is my current body of work and I use ceramic for making bizarre creatures. They have extra body parts such as multiple arms, legs, teeth and ears. These are how I express my sensitive mind. There are two reasons I create misshapen and abnormal work. One is my bitter childhood and the second is my constant anxieties.

When I was young, my friends ignored and bullied me. As a result, I stayed indoors and watched supernatural movies and animations. They helped me escape from reality and gave me power. These movies showed main characters using magic to turn others into freakish animals and insects. This transformation inspired me to make work that reflected the images that I saw in those movies and animations.

I have had an anxious personality since I was a child. I worry about everything, even tiny things. Anxiety drags my mind to the dark side, which is more powerful and intense than my bright side. Sometimes I can’t move forward because I am emotionally paralyzed. I decided to go face-to-face with my anxieties by creating irregular and eerie creatures representing my dark side. As a result, these creatures show my twisted mind as I try to overcome anxiety through my creation.

About Calvin Ma
I utilize the action figure form in my sculptural work to explore personal issues and struggles with social anxiety. As an adult, I face difficulties in the social environment. Meeting new people, being in the company of strangers, crowds, peers and intermittently among friends and family brings about a heightened nervousness that takes over and impedes my ability to function socially. Even as a child I was reserved and apprehensive, so I turned to toys to keep me entertained. I believe the tactile activity of playing with them coupled with my active imagination helped establish this passion for the action figure early on. There was something about picking up your favorite hero or villain and creating stories and adventures that captivated me. It felt only natural to tap into this childlike sense of exploration and storytelling through my artwork.

Join the conversation and see sneak peeks of some of the pieces here  –

Join our Preview List –

Boy and Bear opens Saturday Oct. 24th

Tuesday, October 20th, 2015

Sumo wrestling pandas. Cave-dwelling goblins. Board-gaming ghosts… These are some of the wonderful inhabitants that exist in an imaginary world. Join Boy and Bear as they set out to make new friends and explore places full of wonderment and adventure.

myplasticheart presents Boy and Bear, a new show by New Zealand based artist and illustrator Richard Kuoch (aka podgypanda). This show will focus on the cuter side of things featuring both prints and original work in Richard’s signature blue pencil style. Please join us for the opening reception on Saturday October 24th from 7-10pm. Richard will be in attendance to chat and discuss his work. Exhibition runs through November 22nd 2015.

Boy and Bear
A solo show by podgypanda
Opening Reception Saturday, October 24th 2015 7-10pm
Exhibition runs through Nov 22nd 2015
myplasticheart toy store & gallery
210 Forsyth St.
New York NY 10002


PodgyPanda is Richard Kuoch, an artist, illustrator, animator and graphic designer from Auckland, New Zealand. His characters exude that playful innocence we so often associate with childhood. Utilising his background in animation and graphic design, he follows his motto “Blink, Smile, Share” by creating characters and illustrations that show his fun and unique take on life through art.”

Join the conversation and see sneak peeks of some of the pieces here –

Join our Preview List –



Tuesday, September 8th, 2015


It is that time of the year again! New York Comic Con 2015 is TOMORROW!!! The Block! returns again for its fourth year. As we have in prior years, along with our releases and events, we will provide you with the most extensive guide to signings and releases in The Block! Bookmark the blog entry for the most up to date information. Print it out as a handy guide so you don’t miss out! Remember, New York Comic Con starts Thursday morning at 10am!

In alphabetical order:

481 Universe / N-Stuff – Booth 223

Outlanders, Accessories, heads, mini figures customs, and other goodies

Argonauts Resins / The Jelly Empire– Booth 402

Piragua resin 5″ figures
Various Tutts resin figures
100 sketch cards – $5

Art Whino – Booth 104/108

Estrella Wars M27 Vader print by Marka27

Kelly Denato
Alex Solis
Jason White

BAIT – Booth 408

1000 Toys 1/6 CRC Close Range Combat Body figure with tee shirt – $210

BeeFy and Co – Booth 425

Mari the Cuddlefish Angry Red Sea Version – Ltd to 125, $65
Orkipoo Plush – Ltd to 100, $25

Big Kev’s Geek Stuff – Booth 129

Sofia Margherita resin collaboration with UME Toys – $40

Boundless Brooklyn – Booth 114

Thursday 10/8
10AM – TMO

Friday 10/9

Saturday 10/10
1PM – kaNO

Sunday 10/11

Camilla d’Errico – Booth 215

‘I’m Melting’ Wood Prints – Ltd to 15
‘Puff’ Print
‘Narlene’ Print 8×10
Painted Tentacle Crowns
Hand embellished ‘Flying Furball’ Print – Ltd to 30

Clutter Magazine / Kidrobot / Bwana Spoons – Booth 603

Ron English Silver Metallic Star Skull (Debut) – Ltd to 100, $200
Scott Wilkowski Infected Dunnys (Purple/Smoke) – Ltd to 50 each, $60 each
Doubleparlour Sylvie Dunny (Debut)
Scott Tolleson Pink Paco Taco
Jason Limon Snow Cone (Debut)
Dabs Myla Trouble Trouble Mono Edition – Ltd to 100
Frank Kozik Candy Corn Jerome – Ltd to 50
Sucklord Gay Empire 8″ figures
Sam Fout Hellfire Red Satan’s Aces – Ltd to 5
Luke Chueh ‘Everyone Needs A Head’ Vinyl – Blanks $40, Painted $60
Quiccs ‘TEQ63’ Pink Edition – Ltd to 5, $35
RESTORE ‘Are you F’in Zombie’ figures – $10
RESTORE ‘Iron Meat’- $100
Candie Bolton ‘Cotton Candy Nenne’ – Ltd to 3, $120
Hobo Gravy Shogun
Ron English Kidrobot 3″ Homer and Bart Grin
Scott Tolleson Imperial Lotus Dragon Original and Alternate

Thursday 10/8
3pm – Ron English

Saturday 10/10
1pm – Scott Tolleson

Cotton Candy Machine – Booth 122

Arik Roper
Aya Kakeda
Dima Drujchin
Grace Lang
Tara McPherson

Fugitive Toys – Booth 410

Funko Pop New 52 Reverse Flash
Funko Pop Flocked Stitch

FUNKO – Booth 622 / 1032

Pop Superhero Stan Lee
Pop TV Futurama 2 Pack Alternate Universe Fry & Leela
Pop TV Bravest Warrior Catbug Orange Glow
Pop TV Battlestar Classic Commander Cylon
Pop TV Doctor Who Tenth Doctor Spacesuit
Pop TV Sesame Street Flocked Cookie Monster
Pop Disney Jack with Vampire Teddy
Pop Disney Mint Condition Mater
Pop Moves Glow Hula Minion
Pop Movies Rico with Mallet
Pop Hanna Barbera Ricochet Rabbit Yellow
Pop Hanna Barbera Ricochet Rabbit Pink
Pop Books Patina Cthulhu
Pop Rides Deadpool Red Chimichanga Truck
Pop Games Poseidon’s Rage Kratos
Pop Games Fallout Power Armor Unmasked
Pop Star Wars Chrome Tie Fighter Pilot
Reaction Universal Monsters Black and White The Wolfman
Reaction Universal Monsters Black and White Frankenstein
Reaction Universal Monsters Black and White Creature from the Black Lagoon
Reaction Terminator T1000 Frozen Patrolman
Vinyl Idolz Walking Dead Bloody Daryl
Vinyl Idolz Shaun of the Dead Bloody Alive Ed
Vinyl Idolz Shaun of the Dead Bloody Shaun
Dorbz XL Arkham Asylum Detective Mode Batman
Dorbz Stealth Iron Man
Dorbz Thunderbolt Punisher
Dorbz TMNT Black and White 4 Pack
Hilari My Little Pony Colorstorm Rainbow Dash
Hikari Star Wars Platinum Greedo
Hikari Star Wars Clear Glitter Boba Fett
Hikari Star Wars Starfield Bossk
Pop Tees Captain Phasma
Pop Tees Superhero Stan Lee
Pop Tes Freddy Funko FreddyzillaNY

Junk Fed – Booth 225

Rocky Dennis Alex Pardee figure – Ltd 25, $75

KaijuMonster – Booth 406


Martian Toys – Booth 203

Friday 10/9
Alien Kitties from Caturn customs by Mab Graves – Ltd 8

Custom Spiki Show “Spiki Attacks” – All Days

myplasticheart – Booth 113

Custom Bedtime Bears by Andrea Kang – Ltd to 10, $150
Bai Chu Resin by Otto Bjornik – Ltd to 35
Autumn Seedlings / Spriggledop Nesting Sets by Taylored Curiosities – Ltd to 2 each, $30 each set
Andrew Bell Karoshi-San Black Colorway Convention Edition – $65
Instinctoy Muckey:Illusion
Instinctoy Bat Liquid
Instinctoy Halloween Inc
Instinctoy Snowy
Slappy’s by Squid Ink Customs by kaNO
Satyrs by Seulgie
Daioh Negora 8 inches
Kyle Kirwan Willo Greed – Ltd to 5, $125
Robo Top Ghost Edition (Ecto Green / Phantom Blue) – Ltd to 15 each color, $18 each
Jenn and Tony Bot Cosplay Cuties Custom figures – Ltd to 3, $140
Felix Red Edition by Brent Nolasco
Shawnimals Pork and Bones Pocket Dumplings Deep Red / Glow – $12
kaNO Slappy’s Customs – Ltd to 12, $40

Friday 10/9
3pm – Peter Kato / Andrea Kang
4pm – kaNO

Saturday 10/10
1pm – Brent Nolasco / Leecifer
2pm – Andrew Bell
3pm – ChrisRWK
4pm – Shawnimals

PIQ – Booth 614

Troublemakers 5×7 portraits by Andrea Kang – Ltd 10
Sleeptime Sea Bunnies – Ltd 30, $25
Flatbonnie BunEwoks

Thursday 10/8
12pm – Ron English

Friday 10/9
12pm – Peter Kato / Andrea Kang

Spoke Art – Booth 504

Various Prints
CodecZombie : Saber Cuts #1 ‘Luke’s Lost Hand;’ – Ltd to 50

Super7 – Booth 174

‘Nostromo Crew’ Aliens figures – $45
Pink MOTUSCLE figures
Universal Monsters Haunted Crypt Glowing Ghostly Green – $60
Greyscale Masters of the Universe Reaction Figures – $15
Alien Red Death – $50
Wing Kong Firecracker – $95
Cab Dragon with Removable Mask Glow – $50
Blue Monday Garuru – $35
Blueberry Swirl Foster $25
Grape Escape Milton – $25
Key Lime Pie Guy – $25
Mean Green Pocket Mummy Boy $25
Mean Green Pocket Rose Vampire – $25
Harvest Hangout Steven The Bat $35

Tenacious Toys Collective – Booth 208


Big C Baby Fatts Stone Idol Edition
ETC Toys Mini Grayskull
Fizz Kids Character Backstory prints
Forces of Dorkness Bluebacca
Forces of Dorkness Gimp2-D2
Jacob JAMS Blue Nurikabe
Kid Ink Custom Hikari Groot
Kid Ink Custom Oreion Space Alien by Magitarius
Kid Ink Custom Ron English Dino Grenade
Matt A x MaloApril Tricky Treater
Matt Obscure Perez Oop Blue
Mike Die x Melodreama FingerBot & SquareBot Blue Set
Mr Munk assorted customs
Mr Munk Custom 3″ Dunnys
Mr Munk Custom Androids
NEMO x Dead Hand Toys Krampus
Patrick Wong BEATS Series 6: MPC 3000 LE
Pickman’s Vinyls Holy Droids
Pickman’s Vinyls Officer Log
Pickman’s Vinyls Trial by Stone- Trophy Edition
Rampage Toys x Skullheadbutt HAG X
Renone Labs Fat Jason: Worst Exclusive Ever
Sekure D Codename Hulk
Sekure D Codename Jong Un
Sekure D Kid Blob 1 & 2
Sekure D Totem Fatcap
Suckadelic SUCKLE Series 2 Blue 10pc Set
Taylored Curiosities Blue Tenacious Coralites
Tru Slithers Box Cutter
Tru Slithers Castle Fiend
Tru Slithers Castle Freak
Tru Slithers Nosferatu
UME Toys GeekWok in Blue Carbonite
Wuz One Batty OOAK
Wuz One Turk OOAK

We will also have for sale the following non-exclusive items:

Scott Tolleson Uncle Argh Noir
Nerviswr3k Inner Child Blue
Milbatallas by Entusiasta Gallery
Jon-Paul Kaiser Pandaimyo Blue
Jon-Paul Kaiser Star Wars: A New Hope custom Qees and Munnys
3A Night Fixer Jenkins
3A Paschas
Barbie Collector 10th Anniversary Tokidoki Barbie Doll
Jason Freeny Dissected Gingerbread Man Chalkboar, DIY, Gold, Silver and OG colors
Jason Freeny Micro Anatomic OG, Mono and Black/Green colors
Fizz Kids complete set of 6 by Carbonation Toys
Coarse Omen keychains

Friday 10/9
Noon: Mike Die (PGx4tLoTNY)
Noon: Leecifer & Brent Nolasco (SV)
2PM: Tony Tran (PGx4tLoTNY)
All day: Live painting with Kelly Denato, Lou Pimentel & ChrisRWK (SV)
All day: Xavier Alvarez (inprimewetrust) (PGx4tLoTNY)
All day: Guests Jon Schnepp & Holly Payne (BSTW)
All day: FREE digital spins of cosplays by ArqSpin

Saturday 10/10
11AM: Jacob JAMS (TT)
Noon: Jason Freeny (TT)
1PM: Jason Meents (PGx4tLoTNY)
1PM: ChrisRWK (SV)
3PM: Hon-Bun Leung (PGx4tLoTNY)
3PM: Joe Scarano
All day: Live painting with Kelly Denato, Lou Pimentel & ChrisRWK (SV)
All day: Xavier Alvarez (inprimewetrust) (PGx4tLoTNY)
All day: Guests Jon Schnepp & Holly Payne (BSTW)
All day: FREE digital spins of cosplays by ArqSpin

Sunday 10/11
Noon: Micky Fielder (Dad’s Cartoons) (PGx4tLoTNY)
1PM: Hon-Bun Leung (PGx4tLoTNY)
2PM: Jason Meents (PGx4tLoTNY)
All day: Live painting with Kelly Denato, Lou Pimentel & ChrisRWK (SV)
All day: Xavier Alvarez (inprimewetrust) (PGx4tLoTNY)
All day: Guests Jon Schnepp & Holly Payne (BSTW)
All day: FREE digital spins of cosplays by ArqSpin

Tokidoki – Booth 616

Tickets available first come first serve, Ltd to 60 per day.

Friday 10/9
Saturday 10/10
3pm – Tokidoki

Toy Tokyo – Booth 101

Funko 6″ Grey/Smokey Godzilla Exclusive
Funko 6″ Blue/Glow Godzilla Exclusive
Funko Freddie Funko Toy Tokyo 15th Anniversary Figure Exclusive
Funko Lt. Starbuck Exclusive
Funko Capt. Apollo Exclusive
Funko Dorbz Rides Batmobile Exclusive
Funko Hikari Dirty Penny C3-PO Exclusive

Thursday 10/8
2pm – Ron English

Haruo Nakajima
Kenpachiro Satsuma
Tsutomu Kitagawa


NYCC Events

Martian Toys (Booth 203) custom Nakanari Spiki Show ‘Spiki Attacks’ at NYCC
Suburban Toys (Booth 208) custom Tequila Show at NYCC
Myplasticheart (Booth 113) custom Ghost Girl Expo at NYCC
PIQ (Booth 614) custom Four Faced Gummy Bear Show at NYCC

Thursday 10/8

Friday 10/9
New York Comic Con Panel – 6:30pm Room 1B03
Pop Surrealism – Camilla d’Errico, Tara McPherson, Travis Louie, Calor McCormick, Mab Graves, Jonathan Levine

Coarse New York Scratches – 7pm
210 Forsyth Street
New York, NY 10002
Special Release – $90

Saturday 10/10
Designer Toy Awards – 8pm
Hudson Terrace
621 West 46th Street
New York, NY 10036

Ramiro Davaro-Comas, 7-11pm
Ian Burke Paper Monster Book Release / Party – 7-11pm
Cotton Candy Machine
235 South 1st Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Sunday 10/11
Huck Gee Pub Crawl
Find Huck Gee at posted Pub location and buy a skullhead blank for $75