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NYCC 2014 Release – The Tenebrae signing and book release with Patricio Oliver

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014


myplasticheart is happy to announce the signing and release of Patricio Oliver’s new book The Tenebrae at New York Comic Con 2014. A culmination of 8 years of character illustration and toy design under The Tenebrae by PO! brand, this book contains all of Patricio’s most popular characters he has created since 2006. With over 117 colorful pages of beautiful illustrations, as well as in depth character studies and bios this book explores Patricio’s process from design concept and development to final product including early sketches, unreleased toy design concepts and exhibitions. It is a must have for all art and designer toy fans alike.  Come meet Patricio Oliver at the myplasticheart booth #113 on Friday 10/10 at 4PM for a free sign and sketch session where you can purchase this amazing book for only $20!

Learn more about Patricio Oliver:

Website –
Twitter – @patriciooliver
Facebook –

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Great Showdowns The Return Book Signing 11/1, 7 – 9pm

Sunday, October 20th, 2013


We’ll be welcoming Scott C. to mph on Friday, November 1 from 7 – 9pm for a signing of his new book, Great Showdowns The Return. The book features Scott’s whit and way with whimsy as he portrays the greatest showdowns from popular culture. This sequel is sure to delight fans of his first Great Showdowns book and newcomers as well. Pick up the book and meet Scott C. in person at myplasticheart as part of his book tour. A special print will be available only at the signings, with a limited run of 200. Print pictured below. Join the event on Facebook!

Acclaim for Great Showdowns The Return:

“Do you like art? Do you like movies? I challenge you to NOT enjoy these delightful and challenging face-offs – let’s go, right here, right now.” – Bob Odenkirk


 Print available at Great Showdowns The Return signing tour (while they last!)

Shawn Smith Resketch Kickstarter

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

In case you have not yet heard about Shawn Smith’s Kickstarter for Resketch, I wanted to give it a mention on the blog. You’ll know Shawn best for his mustache and ninja character work with Shawnimals, and also his Pocket Pork Dumplings from mph labs (don’t forget to vote for those in the Designer Toy Awards!). Resketch is a sketchbook that is both eco-friendly and offers its user a artistic boost through creative prompts and different types of recycled, high-quality paper. Although the initial goal has been reached, there are still reach goals and new backer levels, including laser-engraved covers, featuring artwork from Art Baltazar, Andrew Bell, Chris Ryniak, Mig Reyes, and Shawn himself.

“It’s this non-linear way of drawing and sketching that will take your imagination to the next level.”



Children’s Books by Artists We Love

Friday, February 15th, 2013

Yesterday a lot of you may have been getting romantic with your special someone and sometimes with romance comes love-making and well – expected or unexpected bundles of joy, so on that note, I thought I’d showcase some children’s picture books from our favorite artists. Enjoy! I hope you had a very happy Valentine’s Day!


We’ve seen these two working together before as Harley and Boss, and now these dynamo artists have created a children’s book entitled, Little Paper Daydream.

About the book: “Little Paper Daydream is a magical story of a young boy’s imaginative journey. Everyone is invited on this fantastical, friend-filled adventure through whimsical landscapes created by Andrea Kang and Nathan Jurevicius. This book was designed using a combination of cut paper and digital processes to create the signature ‘Harley & Boss’ look. Using a variety of premium papers, Andrea Kang and Nathan Jurevicius scan each pattern and texture into their computer to give the illustrations a hand crafted aesthetic. The final product reflects a collaborative juxtaposition between ink work and graphic paper forms.”

scott campbell

East Dragon, West Dragon with illustrations by Scott Campbell

You’ll know Scott C. from his books Amazing Everything (available at mph) and The Great Showdowns.

About the book: “East Dragon and West Dragon live on opposite sides of the world. They have never met—and they like it that way. East Dragon is sure that West Dragon’s huge wings mean that he is very, very strong. West Dragon fears that East Dragon’s long, swishy tail means that he is very, very fierce. But when some meddlesome knights start a riff between their two kingdoms, East Dragon and West Dragon are finally forced to come face-to-fire-breathing-face. Might the two dragons finally discover they aren’t so different after all?”


Scribe co-wrote and illustrated There’s an Octopus Under My Bed!

About the book: “Beds aren’t only for sleeping. Sometimes, like boats or trains or planes, they can take whoever’s in them on fantastic trip. In There’s an Octopus Under My Bed, young Elijah goes on a faraway jaunt without leaving his bedroom. The trip takes him to the Galapagos Islands and beyond, and along the way he meets some very unusual creatures. He also learns how to deal with new and sometimes scary situations, and discovers the importance of making new friends while sticking by the old ones. Dean Blase’s memorable prose brings a gentle sense of whimsy to Elijah’s unexpected adventures, while D. Ross’s illustrations portray the creatures, including the title one, as amusing and memorable. Originally rendered with spray paint and then transferred to the computer screen, Ross’s dazzling illustrations are sure to please both young readers and the adults with whom they share this read-aloud treasure.”

scribe2Scribe’s love for books shines through at Pow Wow Hawaii 2013

Find Scribe’s Resound Field Guide figures here at mph.


Oliver Jeffers, a featured artist in last year’s Rabid, Wild & Docile show at mph, is also a prolific children’s book author and illustrator. This Moose Belongs to Me is one of his latest releases.

About this book: “Wilfred is a boy with rules. He lives a very orderly life. It’s fortunate, then, that he has a pet who abides by rules, such as not making noise while Wilfred educates him on his record collection. There is, however, one rule that Wilfred’s pet has difficulty following: Going whichever way Wilfred wants to go. Perhaps this is because Wilfred’s pet doesn’t quite realize that he belongs to anyone.”

As a former children’s librarian, I am always excited to get my hands on a new picture book, but if these aren’t up your alley, check out all the the books and magazines mph carries including, issues of Hi-Fructose, Skinner’s Every Man is My Enemy and many more!