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Closer Look : Dunny Dunnibal by ilovedust

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013



In anticipation for tomorrow’s release of the Dunnibal Dunny by ilovedust I thought it prudent to take a closer look at one of the most intricately printed Dunnies this year. Dunnibal is the latest 8 inch Dunny figure by English design studio ilovedust (previous 8 inch designs include Zulu Mong from the 3 Bears series and more recently Togo Monroe). Upon closer viewing the printing looks surprisingly clean for so many layers of printing. The most noticable error would probably be where the top parts of the lips connect towards the middle of the mouth, it is very slight on my figure but I can see it becoming a potential problem with others. Other than that I believe you will very happy if you decide to pick one up at your favorite toy retailer tomorrow. If you’re not keen on this blue colorway there is also a red chase version which is hidden in 1 out of every 6 boxes. We will have them available the same time as all other Kidrobot retailers tomorrow at 11AM EDT on Thursday September 26th. Enjoy the rest of the photos!

dunnibal_2dunnibal_3 dunnibal_4

The Dunnibal Dunny with its 1 in 6 chase counterpartdunnibal_5

Brian Butler in Boston’s Weekly Dig

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013


Brian Butler, a participant in our Hanna-Barbarians show, which will be on exhibit until May 17, was recently featured in Boston’s Weekly Dig for his upcoming show, Infinite Scroll in Cambridge, MA at Blanc Gallery. The show is a collaboration with Cody DeFranco and the title is a reference to the infinite amount of information at our fingertips these days. Butler’s drawings in this show are a way to filter and streamline info. into  efficient, quick communication; he likens them to emojis. Read more here.

butler2Brian’s work in Hanna-Barbarians

Brian’s pieces have already sold in the Hanna-Barbarians show (no surprise there!) but there are plenty of other pieces left, so make sure to check out the cartoon-inspired work here.

Camilla d’Errico’s WIP Android

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013


Android WIP

Camilla d’Errico, contributing artist to the Fonzo Love NY show, shared images of an Android she’s been working on. She also gave us a look at her workspace during the process of painting. Hmm… I spot the Android and a Dunny too…!


(Above images from the artist’s Instagram)

And if you’re looking for something for Valentine’s Day, Camilla’s style lends itself well to this holiday. Have a look at her No Ordinary Love Bust, available now in our online shop.

camilla1From the artist about the figure: ‘It’s the visual interpretation and expression of my feelings for my ‘one and only,’ so you can imagine how exciting it is that this particular piece was chosen!’

tokidoki tattoos

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

Today was Tattoo Tuesday for tokidoki, which means we get to check out a bunch of tokidoki-inspired tattoos! Here are some of my favorites, but you can see more tokidoki characters on skin on the tokidoki Facebook page.

Remember when we posted about tokidoki’s Unicorno x Sharpie contest? Well, the submission period is over and all of the work can now be viewed online. If you’re interested in giving your two cents, you can vote on which one you like the most! Voting ends January 24. If you are in the mood to create your own Unicorno character, you can find DIY Unicornos here or, if you are up for a fun surprise, grab a blind box Series 2 Unicorno instead!





All images from tokidoki’s Facebook page.

Flamingo by Felt Mistress

Monday, January 21st, 2013

This hand-sewn flamingo is one of the latest pieces from textile artist Felt Mistress. I’ve been adoring the images she’s posted online recently of this commissioned work and wanted to share them here. I am not sure who this creature is for, but it is a masterpiece of her craftsmanship! And if you are in the mood to grab your own Felt Mistress character, make sure to check out Tippy in our web store.


Images of Flamingo by Felt Mistress




Tippy enjoys traveling the world trying to recruit new members to Team Tippy.

He likes:

The colour orange
Tying his own shoelaces
The music of Polysics
Chocolate eclairs
He can often be found socializing with his crew – Pedro the Squirrel, Grayson the Horse
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