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NYCC 2016 – Treeson : Be Kind & Silly by Bubi Au Yeung

Monday, September 26th, 2016



myplasticheart is excited to collaborate with Hong Kong artist Bubi Au Yeung and Fluffy House on the exclusive “Be Kind & Silly” Treeson. In this edition Treeson sticks out his tongue and gives us plenty of personality with his funny face and playful expression. He also adorns a pink heart branch and even glows in the dark!  Be Kind & Silly Treeson is limited to 100 pcs and will be available for $55 each at the myplasticheart booth #113 during New York Comic Con.

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NYCC 2016 – Chlor by Kyle Kirwan

Monday, September 26th, 2016


Traveling artist Kyle Kirwan releases his latest figure as a myplasticheart exclusive for NYCC. This 5.5 inch hand cast resin sculpture is part of his Cavus Bloom series and painted in glow-in-the-dark green. Chlor will be available for $30 each at the myplasticheart booth #113 during New York Comic Con.


“Day 11:

One of the things I was most excited about upon entering Manchester proper was a chance to encounter the rare Cavus Bloomus that reside solely within the kingdom. There has never been a proper study of them, so I’ve spent the last few years interviewing anyone who has encountered one of these fascinating subterranean Blooms. From my research I have learned that there are at least six distinct varieties of this subspecies and they are somehow frothy. Nearly every subject has reported that the Cavus Bloomus “smell and bubble.” It is unfortunate that with my breathing apparatus in place I will be unable to verify their odor for myself. I’ve also heard there are marked physical differences between each hue and they are almost nothing like the more common Terra Bloomus that reside in the rest of Dor. My theory is that Cavus Bloomus are mutated Terra, physically changed by years of exposure to the multitude of gasses in the caves. There are tales of fluffy footed Blues and single-eyed Reds. According to some the Purples possess stumpy little legs and fly about. Yellows and Greens are said to be friendly and less wary of the Cave People. No one knows much about the Orange beyond the fact that they definitely exist. I look forward to encountering these creatures myself for a chance to apply the Naturalist Scientific Process to their study.

-Exerpt from A Year Underground – Travels in Modern Manchester By Stylvus Reed”

NYCC 2016 – Tamed Rose Bun by Plushplay

Friday, September 23rd, 2016


Brooklyn based artist Plushplay brings “life” to New York Comic Con with her new series of floral sculptures. Each sculpture stands at 5.5 inches tall and each are enclosed in individual glass cloches. Tamed Rose Buns will be available for $135 each at the myplasticheart booth #113 during New York Comic Con.

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NYCC 2016 – BoxCat by Rato Kim

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016


Korean artist Rato Kim brings a number of new releases to this years New York Comic Con! Along with the previously released BreadCat and WatermelonCat comes the summery PeachCat as well as the special edition WoodCat with custom made wooden box . Rato Kim’s BoxCats will be available for $58-$135 each at the myplasticheart booth #113 during New York Comic Con.

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NYCC 2016 – The Eliminator by Brent Nolasco

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016


Brent Nolasco continues his Dark Descendents line with his newest figure, The Eliminator.  The first release of the The Eliminator will be a solid dark grey cast resin with Brent’s signature style. The Eliminator will be available for $90 each at the myplasticheart booth #113 during New York Comic Con.

More about the Dark Descendants
After the planet was destroyed by countless wars and the final nuclear fall out, the entire human race was demolished. Only fragments of animal life were leftover. Decades passed, and new life started to grow from the destruction. From all the bits and fragments of man and nature, new super creatures started to evolve and make their way throughout the earth. The broken became whole again.

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