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Big Bad NYCC 2013 Rundown – FINAL LIST!!!

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013


New York Comic Con 2013 is HERE!!! The Block! returns again for its second year. Providing us with even more vinyl toy collectibles! Newcomers include Bwana Spoon’s The Grass Hut Collective, BAIT and others. As we have in prior years, along with our releases and events, we will provide you with the most extensive guide to signings and releases in The Block! Bookmark the blog entry for the most up to date information. Print it out as a handy guide so you don’t miss out! New for this year, we’ve added an artist appearance list (at the end of the events section), so you can see any of your favorite artists will be attending NYCC. And remember, New York Comic Con is 3 1/2 days, starts Thursday night at 3pm!

In alphabetical order:

Argonauts Resins / The Jelly Empire– Booth 427

Clinton Yaws custom 8″ Tuttz
MeSmithy custom 8″ leather Tuttz
Limited Edition Jelly Empire Print – Ltd 15
Bat Tuttz / Jelly Wonder – Ltd 3 sets
Mad Botter – Ltd 3 sets

Art Whino – Booth 104/108

Various Prints by Featured Artists

Thursday 10/10
5PM: Angry Woebots

Friday 10/11
5PM: Angry Woebots

Saturday 10/12
12PM Angry Woebots
1pm: Lou Pimentel
2PM: Andrew Hem
3PM: Ekundayo
4PM: kaNO
5PM: Angry Woebots

Sunday 10/13
12PM Angry Woebots
1PM: Adrian Viajero Roman
2PM: Josh Taylor
3PM: Angry Woebots

BeeFy and Co – Booth 222

Ron English Purple Smiley Grin – Ltd 200, $40

Big Kev’s Geek Stuff – Booth Z16/17 (Artist Alley)

UME Toys Peggy Candycorn – Ltd 10, $40
HollowShells Moon Mog Plush – Ltd 6 each design, $95

Clutter Magazine / Monster Island – Booth 504

Lunartik Cup of Tea Furry Tea – Ltd 200 (100 at NYCC), $30
The Chimeron – Ltd 1 of each color, $45
The Chimeron GID – Ltd 1 of each color, $50
Warlords of Wor: Weelord Minis Pink – Ltd 20, $15
Frankenfactory Apocalypta WolfGirl – Ltd 11, $85
Brutherford Industries’s Melt Grenade Transparent Pink – Ltd 25, $50
Designer Toy Award Card Packs / Sets – $5 Pack, $85 Set Ltd 100

Friday 10/11
10am – Count Calorie Purple/Green Colorway – Ltd 100 (50 at NYCC)
12pm – Clutter Calverita (Pink) – Ltd 30, $70
2pm – Killer Bootleg Phantom Starkiller – Ltd 10, $100
3pm – Semi Korosiya Okaasan Micro Edition – Ltd 10, $60
3pm – ESC Toy Dali x Crow Bear Blue Hour – Ltd 20, $35
3pm – Pearl Jam “Falla Sheep” Blind Box Debut – $10

Saturday 10/12
11am – RESTORE Debris Japan Propagate- Ltd 10, $80
12pm – Gary Ham x Lana Crooks Hermes Plush Neopolitan – Ltd 5, $200
12pm – Doubleparlour’s “Fricks” and “Rielle” figures – Ltd 5 each
3pm – Micro Kaiju Negora – Ltd 6, $45
4pm – Steff Bomb Bacon Pancake Plush – Ltd 15, $60
5pm – Deadbeet (Beet-dazzled) – Ltd 30

Sunday 10/13
2pm – Mint Rotocast Heart Skull – Ltd 30

Friday 10/11
12pm – Carlos East of The Beast Brothers
2pm – Peter Goral of Killer Bootlegs
3pm – Erick Scarecrow
4pm – Martin Hsu

Saturday 10/12
10am – MAD!
11am – RESTORE
12pm – Gary Ham / Lana Crooks / Doubleparlour
4pm – Steff Bomb
5pm – Scott Tolleson

Sunday 10/13
2pm – Ron English

Grass Hut and Friends – Booth 204

Teenage Randall
Black Jeff

Bwana Spoons

KaijuMonster – Booth 406

Custom Kaiju Figures from various artists.

Kidrobot – Booth 607

Thursday 10/10
Simpsons Day of the Dead Mariachi Homer – $50
Street Fighter Gold Ryu
Locodonta Dunny $99
Mishka Keep Watch Labbit – $99
Mishka Beanie – $35

Friday 10/11
12 – 2pm – Huck Gee, Scott Tolleson, Frank Kozik

Saturday 10/12
11am – 1pm – Ron English
2 – 4pm – Frank Kozik and Ron Rivera

Lulubell / Velocitron – Booth 408

Mike Egan Bones Cherry Red – Ltd 25, $60
Mike Egan Lucky Cherry Red – Ltd 25, $60
Ionmen Unpainted Black
RESTORE Debris Japan Parallel- Ltd 10, $80

Friday 10/11
10am – Splurrt custom Alavaka

Mishka NYC / Critical Hit / Skinner – Booth 110

Abyss Minions – Ltd 10, $100

Friday 10/11
12pm – Not Happy, Not Bootleg: Child Prostitute – Ltd 5, $100
2pm – Nuclear Orb Huey Custom Paints – Ltd 6, $200

Saturday 10/12
12pm – Bullet Belt – Ltd 10, $300
2pm – King of the Nightime World Berserker – Ltd 5, $300
3pm – Great Pumpkin Ultrus Bog – Ltd 4, $300

Sunday 10/13
1pm – Unhallowed Bog – Ltd 5, $150

myplasticheart – Booth 113

Dave Bondi Akashi 5YL Mono – Ltd 50, $65
NYCC Sideways Edition – Ltd 100, $85
Sideways Black Edition – $85
MPH x Konatsu Black Negora – $35
Necro Candy Corn Junior – $35
Hemic & Stygian Outlanders by NiStuff – $10
Rexy by Leesasaur – $40
Denbu NYCC Edition by Leesasaur x Abe Lincoln Jr – Ltd 6 of each design, $45
Radioactive Glop-in-a-box – $120
Modern Hero SKELE-CON Exclusive – $65
GID 5″ Misfortune Cat – $55
Mercutio Dealmaker – $35
Salvia Gordo – $100
Franken-pork / Bride of Franken-pork Dumpling – $12

Friday 10/11
1pm – Brent Nolasco
2pm – J*RYU
3pm – Yoskay Yamamoto
4pm – Lou Pimentel

Saturday 10/12
12pm – Abe Lincoln & Leesasaur
1pm – Dave Bondi
2pm – Andrew Bell
3pm – MAD
4pm – kaNO & Kelly Denato

Onell Design – Booth 102

Mystical Warriors of the Ring Flesh or Candy Apple Red – $9
Walking Dud Figure – various sizes $15 to $75
Scribe Mini Sumego – $30

Saturday 10/12
Four Horsemen Outer Space Men
– Wave 6, Deluxe 2 set (Colossus Rex, Horrorscope & Ohpromatem) – Beta/White Star Edition – $35
– Wave 7, Deluxe 3 set (Gamma-X, Jack Asteroid & Terra Firma) – Beta/White Star Edition – $35
– Colossus Rex Beta/White Star Edition – $16
– Gamma-X Beta/White Star Edition – $16
– Horrorscope Beta/White Star Edition – $11
– Ohpromatem Beta/White Star Edition – $11
– Terra Firma Beta/White Star Edition – $11
– Jack Asteroid Beta/White Star Edition – $11
4pm – Peter Kato
Micro Army-Jacks – $5
Tako-Terrians – $10
Standard Mogu-Tank – Ltd 20 (10 at NYCC), $30

Sunday 10/13
1pm – Peter Kato
Micro Army-Jacks – $5
Tako-Terrians – $10
Standard Mogu-Tank – Ltd 20 (10 at NYCC), $30

Phil Barbato – Booth 402

NYCC Exclusive Tiny Blind Box Plush

Sidekick Labs – Booth 203

Designer Toy Award Card Packs / Sets – $5 Pack, $85 Set Ltd 100

Tara McPherson / Cotton Candy Machine – Booth 603

Wayob Giclee 12.75″ x 23.5″ – Ltd 100, $100
Double Rainbow by Lomography x Tara McPherson Mini Diana & Flash – $110
Art of Tara McPherson Limited Edition Box Set New Version with Print APs – $250

Friday 10/11
2pm – Arik Roper
3pm – Jeremyville
4pm – Dima Drjuchin

Saturday October 12th
12pm -Tara McPherson
4pm – Tara McPherson

Sunday October 13th
1pm – Tara McPherson

Tenacious Toys / Outsmart Originals / Suburban Vinyl – Booth 208

Monster Embryo Tenacious Blue Colorway – Ltd. 10, $15
ESCToys x Frombie Bloody Lurker Exclusive – Ltd 7, $75
Furry Feline Creatives Tenacious Bogie Plush 15″ – Ltd 10, $40
Viseone 8″ Zombie Goo Yellow- Ltd 100, $40
Carson Catlin ‘Smurf Blood Reticulated Box’ – Ltd 10, $50
Carson Catlin Micro Reticulated Box – $10 each, Rubik $15, Gold $15 (only available at DTAs)
Carson Catlin 3″ Reticulated Dunnys
Megaseth NYCC Exclusive – Ltd 5, $60
Cracked Cats Tuttz Exclusive – Ltd 12
King Kaiju Negora – Ltd 1
JFury Bunny Boom Boom ‘Mountain Dew’ – Ltd 10, $65
Philipe The Bunny Teal – Ltd 10, $35
The Ewoking Dead Figure – Ltd 50, $80
UME Toys Sippy Shortstraw – Ltd 10, $40
JC Rivera Bearchamp and T-Shirt Set – Ltd 50, $100
Soko Cat Zombie Candycorn – Ltd 10, $45
Skelevex Skulls Tenacious Blue – Ltd 10, $30
Rampage Toys Ugly Unicorns
Rampage Toys Manotaur
Forces of Darkness Boba T-1000 – Ltd 10, $40
Forces of Darkness Boba T – Ltd 10, $30
Madball of Death – Ltd 10, $50
NEMO Vampire Droplets – Ltd 30 (10 of each color), $50, GID $30
JFury Pond Scum Halloween Pumpkin Version – Ltd 5, $45
Blue Stuff Lonely Yeti – Ltd 5, $35
Project:Evil Ape T-Shirts – 6 Designs, $25
Midi Clorians – Ltd 10 (5 of each design), $40
RSIN Candy K Custom Dunnys – Ltd 10, $95
Machine Type AW177-Stealth Edition – Ltd 15 available during signing

Thursday 10/10
4PM: Adam “Small Angry Monster” Pratt
5PM: Tony Gil
6PM: Peter “Killer Bootlegs” Goral

Friday 10/11
12PM: SoKo Cat / Jerkface
1PM: Thomas Hall of Robot 13 / Rsin
2PM: Juan Muniz
3PM: Nerviswr3k / Scott Kinnebrew / Crummy Gummy
4PM: Blazon Brikhaus
4:30PM: Jason Chalker
5PM: SoKo Cat

Saturday 10/12
11AM: Jason Freeny
12PM: Jerkface / Scott Kinnebrew
1PM: Allen “AW177” Wen / Rsin / JC Rivera
1:30PM: Blazon Brikhaus
2PM: Nerviswr3k
3PM: Scott Kinnebrew
3:30PM: Miss Zukie
4PM: VISEone / Matt A
5PM: Mike “NEMO” Mendez / Erick Scarecrow
5:30PM: Mr. Lunacy

Sunday 10/13
12PM: Jerkface

ThreeA Toys – Booth 116

The Adventures of Isobelle Pascha AURORAL – $125

The raffle schedule is as follows:

Thursday 10/10
Tickets handed out 4PM until 5PM
Numbers called at 5:30pm

Friday 10/11
Tickets handed out 12PM until 1PM
Numbers called at 1:30pm

Saturday 10/12
Tickets handed out 3PM until 4PM
Numbers called at 4:30pm

Tokidoki – Booth 605

Comic-Corno Tote
Comic Corno 4 inch vinyl

Thursday 10/10
4pm – Simone Legno

Friday 10/11 through Sunday 10/13
3pm – Simone Legno

Toy Tokyo – Booth 101

Classic Batman Batmobile POP! Vinyl
Peter Kato Mogu Tank Toy Tokyo Colorway – Ltd 12, $30
Legend of Candy Claws Plush
Kinnikuman with Glow In The Dark Battle Wound Head – $125
‘Banksy’ Piece – Ltd 10

Friday 10/11
1pm – Pre-release City As Canvas Book
3pm – Sucklord Wolverine-Hulk, Ltd 25

Ron English – TBD

Friday 10/11
1pm – Lady Pink, DAZE, Reas (Todd James)
3pm – Sucklord

Camilla d’Errico – Artist Alley Booth P13 – ‘Hairball’ NYCC Exclusive Print
Kyle Kirwan – Roaming – Mudcat Resin Ivory Edition – Set of 3, Ltd 10 each, $25
Richard “LASH” Montanari Sliced Sam Heinous Heads – Booth 408 / 504 – Ltd 10, $40
MAD! Micro 3D Printed MADLs – $15 each
Luke Chueh Black Resin Heads

NYCC Events

NYCC Secret Walls x Kidrobot x NYCC All-Star series – Booth 622
Live Painting at NYCC for the Roebling Wall – Booth 514

Thursday 10/10
Heroes of the Block – 7 – 10pm
552 Grand St.
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Friday 10/11
Zerofriends Group Show – 7 – 11pm
Cotton Candy Machine
235 South 1st Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Saturday 10/12
Designer Toy Awards – 8pm
Hudson Terrace NYC
621 W 46th Street
New York, NY 10036

– Special Edition collectable laminate!
– A guaranteed Goodie Bag, filled with at least $70 worth of goods!!
– Early access to the Ceremony starting at 7:30PM!
– The ability to buy from the Exclusive releases table prior to the official door opening!!
– 1 x drink ticket, worth up to $10 (must be 21 years or older to redeem).

DTA TICKET ($20 apiece) — LIMITED AVAILABILITY, includes:
– Special Edition collectable ticket!
– First 50 tickets sold will come with a free goodie bag filled with swag!!
– Entrance to the event starting at 8PM!

Buy your tickets here

Carson Catlin Micro Reticulated Box Gold – Ltd 15, $15
RESTORE Debris Japan Smolder – Ltd 10, $80

Artists Appearing in ‘The Block’ (in last name alphabetical order)
123 Klan (Artist Alley E13)
Phil Barbato
Dave Bondi
Carson Catlin
Camilla d’Errico (Artist Alley)
Ron English
Brian Ewing
Huck Gee
Andrew Hem
Frank Kozik
Simone Legno
Tara McPherson
Eric Nocella
Brent Nolasco
Lou Pimentel
Ron Rivera
Bwana Spoons
Josh Taylor
Scott Tolleson
Adrian Viajero
Yoskay Yamamoto

Tasty Thursday

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Hey, everyone! I don’t want to alarm you, but just about a six minute walk from myplasticheart is one of the best cupcake places I have ever been to. Now I know that cupcakes have sort of had their day in the sun, and you might be in the school of thought that it is time for them to step back. With all of the cupcake reality show buzz, you might be ready to take a break from these cute personal cakes. Now for me, I was one of those people that totally and utterly embraced the fun and kitsch behind cupcakes about 5 years back when I was living in New Zealand, which is where I seamlessly acquired the name Team Sweet. But even if you don’t absolutely love cupcakes and all they represent, if you like tasty treats, you will LOVE this place. Little Cupcake Bakeshop located at 30 Prince Street, makes more than just cupcakes too (like pies, cookies and bars!). And by that I mean they bake a lot more than cupcakes and they also, from what I can tell, are movers and shakers, being involved in educational outreach as well as green initiatives. And well, if you won’t take my word for it, here is a persuasive video made for Marie Claire China, featuring sexy ladies and sexy cakes shot on location at the Little Cupcake Bakeshop, created by Amber Gray Studio. Enjoy!


Retna at the Bowery/Houston Wall

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

Thanks to my friend Clams Rockefeller, I have some awesome photos to show you of artist Retna doing his thing at the wall on the corner of Houston and Bowery in NYC. If you are near the gallery, go check this out. And have a look here to see the previous mural by Faile.

MaNY Project in NYC

Monday, December 19th, 2011

I recently stumbled upon the MaNY Project and wanted to share some info about it, here on the blog. MaNY is focused on producing outdoor murals and public art exhibitions throughout NYC, including murals within walking distance of myplasticheart.

MaNY’s projects have included collaborations between:

Radical! x Veng in NoHo

Creepy x Gaia x Nanook x Veng x Yok at 145 Ludlow

How & Nosm on 14th St

OverUnder x Veng x Ephameron at Coney Island

Radical! at Coney Island

and REKA x Quel Beast x Infinity at East 4th Street in collaboration with the ArtUp program (video above)

This is definitely a project to watch out for, improving your eyes’ experience in the streets of NYC.

Toys Around Town: teany

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

The next time you visit myplasticheart and work up a hunger, head over to teany, a restaurant opened by Moby and Kelly Tisdale. Located at 90 Rivington St, teany’s menu features a wide array of tasty food, and although it is a vegetarian restaurant, I brought along two non-veggies and they were equally impressed. I’d recommend the veggie blt, which is what all four of us ended up getting, since it sounded so tasty. Along with super good food, teany also has 98 teas on their menu, hence the name of this little cafe. Holy Moly! Caramel, vanilla, jasmine, honey, ginger… the list goes on and on! And if tea isn’t your thing, don’t worry, you can indulge in another fancy drink, such as a raspberry lime ricky, lavender lemonade or an italian soda. Yum! So next time you are in the mph area, pay a visit to teany and see what all the fuss is about!


And if you are in the mood for a cup of tea after reading this post, make sure you check out our cup and saucer sets, including this one from I Love Dust or others featuring designs from Jon Burgerman, Sam Flores, Frank Kozik and Si Scott.