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New Release Rundown – Week of July 15, 2013

Friday, July 19th, 2013


We are stoked for everyone having fun at SDCC this year, but we are keeping it exciting here on the East Coast with our latest New Release Rundown, so check out the most recent additions to the shop!

Zombie Bart : Designed by Matt Groening and produced by Kidrobot, this figure stands 6″ tall with pale, icy blue skin and bloodshot, lifeless eyes. Get in on the zombie fun by scooping out his brains! Ships week of July 29.

Zoidberg : The doctor is in! Our favorite crustacean from Matt Groening’s Futurama stands 6″ tall and comes with stethoscope accessory. Ships week of July 29.

Marvel Labbit 7″ in Wolverine and Venom : Marvel and Kidrobot have teamed up to bring you these 7″ Labbits – available now! Venom is in low stock already, so act fast!

Transformers Mini Series 1 : From the Loyal Subjects, these figures stand 3″, with both Autobots and Decepticons up for grabs in this blind boxed series. Series One features – OPTIMUS PRIME, BUMBLEBEE, JAZZ, SOUNDWAVE, STARSCREAM, GRIMLOCK, MEGATRON, THUNDERCRACKER – plus 3 chase figures.

Locodonta : Jon Paul Kaiser brings this 8″ Daredevil Dunny to extremes with a stunt suit and engine jet pack accessory. Available Friday 7/19 11AM EDT

Can of Worms – Rare European Blue Bloods : These rare worms usually are found in the dark, damp wine cellars of southern France, feasting on a tasty Cab Sav, but mph has teamed up with Andrew Bell to make these available for you hungry toy collectors!

New Releases – July 7, 2013

Sunday, July 7th, 2013


With all of the new releases coming out this summer, it may be easy to miss what we have in store, so here’s a brief rundown of some new figures at mph!

Sonny Angel : Flower Series Blind Box by Dreams We’ve seen them as baboons, pineapples, witches and more, and now these figures are popping up everywhere as flowers. This new series of Sonny Angels features 12 different flowers, plus a chase!

Migora Color Collection : Blind Bag by Konatsu – This is Japanese artist Konatsu’s popular Negora figure in mini form! Available blind bagged with 13 possible colorways to collect. At just under 2″ these figures are super cute and super collectable!

New Sticky Monster Lab FiguresSticky Monster Lab, a creative studio based in Korea and founded in 2007, has a new line of figures available at mph. This studio has numerous talents, lending themselves to motion graphics, festival managing and figure fabrication. I really love their character creation and you can often see these figures as characters in their videos. Above you can find the Runner and Kibon Yellow Walkmon.

Now watch the Runner in the video below!

Donutino & Donutina by tokidoki – These sweet pups are perfect for that Kawaii collector in your life. Complete with sprinkled donut collars and made of soft fleece, you’ll be happy to make either one (or both!) a part of your home.

Find more new releases here!


New Release Rundown – Week of Nov. 12, 2012

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

The holidays are creeping up, so if you’re looking to get a jump on the gift-buying season, here is a release rundown with something for all of those collectors, artists and new toy enthusiasts.

  • First up is the Mongolian from L’Amour Supreme x Super7. It stands 5″ tall and is made of Japanese vinyl. This purple glitter version, known as the “Cosmos” edition, was an NYCC and APE 2012 exclusive. Translucent purple vinyl with metallic glitter highlights and detailed with metallic silver, red, black and dark violet sprays. I am loving the colors on this figure!
  • Playing upon local religious beliefs in Singapore mixed with urban life, this Hell Lotus figure is a collaboration between Clogtwo and Mighty Jaxx. This figure is packed with extras, coming in a premium box with interchangeable parts, authenticity card, special code for future releases of interchangeable parts compatible with Hell Lotus, custom art print, and sticker & badge.
  • Sonny Angels are back for winter in this Xmas series. Santa Claus, Christmas dessert, Rudolph and more! Great stocking stuffers!
  • Micro Munnyworld figures are in stock and ready to be customized by you! Available in bright, cheery colors, these figures stand 2.5″ and each comes with a vinyl micro paint can, a clear sticker sheet of stick-on accessories (like a bow tie, eyes, mom tattoo, zippers, and more!), and a clear practice sticker to get the jitters out. Although you can choose which character you’d like, the figures are blind-boxed, so which color you will receive is a mystery!
  • The Great Showdowns by Scott C.  is another great gift idea for the holidays. A collection of Scott’s Great Showdowns series, this book showcases strangely good-natured confrontations between his favorite characters.
  • Tokidoki’s Unicorno is great for those wanting to customize something a little mystical. This 5″ figure comes equipped with 3 fine point Sharpies, Adios Black, Bruttino Blue and Stellina Magenta.

The Big Bad NYCC Rundown 2012 – FINAL UPDATE Oct 11

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

New York Comic Con 2012 is about a month away. This year features some changes again for New York Comic Con. As the original Cultyard has expanded and given us more offerings from the previous years! It is now been re-invented as The Block! As we have in prior years, we will provide you with the most extensive guide to signings and releases in The Block. Bookmark the blog entry for the most up to date information. Print it out as a handy guide so you don’t miss out! New for this year, we’ve added an artist appearance list (at the end of the events section), so you can see any of your favorite artists will be attending NYCC. And remember, New York Comic Con is now 3 1/2 days, starts this Thursday night at 4pm!

In alphabetical order:

Alpha Godz Entertainment – Booth 3311

Zemis Resins
Custom Titanium Robots

Argonauts Resins – Booth 2479

Cleopatra 8″ Tuttz – ltd 1, $250
Adam Pratt 8″ Tuttz Custom – $300
NYCC Jellybot
Tuttz in Berlin Print – ltd 50, $12
TRE Tuttz Minis
Halloween Tuttz Shirts – $25
Carbon-Fibre Media ‘Ghost in a Bot’ O’Bot
Sno Cat minis

Art Whino – Booth 3203

J*RYU Exclusive Baby Sapling (Sunday 2pm)

Friday 10/12
1PM: Kelly Denato
2PM: Lou Pimentel
3PM: Ekundayo
4PM: kaNO
5PM: Angrywoebots

Saturday 10/13
12PM: Adrian Viajero Roman
1PM: Jeremiah Ketner
3PM: Josh Taylor

Big Kev’s Geek Stuff – Booth 3261

OMFG Stealth Edition NYCC Only – $10
Ume Toys NYCC Dee-Dee – Limited to 5, $25
Jurassic Tuttz Minis

Friday 10/12
10am – 2pm – Ume Toys

Saturday 10/13
10am – 2pm – Ume Toys
2 – 4pm – Eric Nocella

Sunday 10/14
10am – 2pm – Ume Toys
2 – 4pm – Eric Nocella

Clutter Magazine – Booth 3004

Ron English Pink Fat Tony – Ltd to 100, 50 available in booth, $100
Brutherford x Clutter ‘Dork Knight’ Ice Cream Man 8″ – ltd to 30, $110

Friday 10/12
10am – 12pm – Sekure D
12pm – Ron English
4 – 7pm – Brutherford

Saturday 10/13
12 – 5pm – Brutherford

Dudebox – Booth 2915

Andreas Krapf “Eugence McGeekson” – ltd to 300 pieces
Attaboy “Punchy The Clown” – ltd to 300 pieces
Conzo “Taps Aff!” – ltd to 300 pieces
Pete Fowler’s ‘Dai Ocean’ – ltd to 300 pieces, $25
Pete Fowler’s ‘Owen Fiend’ – ltd to 300 pieces
Tristan Eaton ‘Fib Fairy’
Richard Bucchioni “Franken” – ltd to 300 pieces
Ron English “King Monster”

Friday 10/12
4 – 5pm – Ron English

Saturday 10/13
11am – 12pm – Pete Fowler
2 – 3pm – Ron English
4 – 5pm – Pete Fowler

Sunday 10/14
11am – 12pm – Pete Fowler
3 – 4pm – Pete Fowler

ESC Toys – Booth 3015

Chap-Lynn Ringleader – ltd to 18
Soopa Maria 3 years later – ltd to 8
Aldara x Sama Ghoul
Aldara x Sama Purple Oozer
Papa Sama Medi Guard – ltd to 8
2 Tails – ltd to 10
Uncharted Japan Drake – ltd to 3
Uncharted Shadow Drake – ltd to 15
Kissaki Cold As Ice – ltd to 6
Kissaki Purple Lust – ltd to 6
Swordsman x Kami
Spiker x Kami
Lurker x Kami
Styler x Kami
Lucky x Kami
Chelly x Zora Kage
Chelly x Zora Blood Bath
Medusa Dusted – ltd to 6
Yeti Vill
Thursday 10/11
12 – 3pm Erick Scarecrow

Friday 10/12
11am – 1pm – Erick Scarecrow
2 – 3pm – matt Walker / Monster Kolor

Saturday 10/13
12 – 3pm – Erick Scarecrow

Sunday 10/14
12 – 3pm – Erick Scarecrow
Kidrobot – Booth 2909

All Days
RSIN 3″ Agent K dunny – $15

Friday 10/12
Silver King 8inch Dunny – 300 pieces, $50 (limited release starting Friday 10/12 at Kidrobot NY)
Buffmonster Handpainted Mini Figures only during his signing at 11am

Friday 10/12

11am – 12pm – Buff Monster, L’amour Supreme (Mishka), David Healey (Healeymade)
12 – 2pm – RSIN

Saturday 10/13

1 – 2pm – MR DEN
2 – 3pm – SUCKLORD
3 – 4pm – MAD
5 – 6pm – Chuckboy

Sunday 10/14

1 – 2pm – Jason Freeny
2 – 3pm – Sekure D

Lulubell/Velocitron – Booth 3108

Dryhead Keychains by Restore
Mutant Vinyl Hardcore X Skinner figure
Two guys by Frenzy
Releases from Sunguts, Uraname, Tsuyako and Buyobuyo
Kaiju and Sofubi Booth
DSKIone x Blurble’s “Gusto (Purple Hazey)” Customs – $60

Mimoco – Booth 3111
Uglydoll Mimobots Debut

Mishka NYC – Booth 3011

L’amour Supreme Ghost Cave NYCC edition
L’amour Supreme x Mishka x Blackbook Toys ‘Keep Watch Piggy Bank’ Blackout Edition
L’amour Supreme x Healeymade x Mishka ‘Cave Guard Red’
Mishka x Cure Toys ‘Hellbox’
Mishka x Adfunture mixed part bootlegs
Buffmonster x Mishka NYCC T-shirt

MonsterPants – Booth 3116

Sea-Borgs Gold Edition – ltd to 20, $35
Various Sea-Borgs Figures – $25

myplasticheart – Booth 3313

Andrew Bell Albino Glop Edition – $100
Brent Nolasco ‘The Cast of Shadows’ Sculpture – ltd to 3, $245
Brent Nolasco ‘The Rise of the Fallen’ Sculpture – ltd to 3, $195
Brent Nolasco Super7 customs – $80
Bruce Lee Temple of Kung Fu Release
Brutherford Ice Cream Man Green Tea, Red Bean, Sesame – 50 Sets, $52 for set, $20 each.
Doktor A Chester Runcorn Gin & Tonic Edition (Pre-release) – $64.99
Ferg x Chris Ryniak Misfortune Cat 4″ Ivory Edition – 100 pieces
Healeymade Exclusive Natives Black Collar Edition – $65
Healeymade Exclusive Hex and Duece Nelson – $20 each
J*RYU MPH Exclusive Baby Sapling (Friday 1pm)
Jeff Lamm Prototype Greasebat – $85
Kelly Denato Android Series 3 APs with prints and sculpts (during signing Sat 2pm) – ltd to 20, $75
Lou Pimentel x mphlabs Junior “Ghost Blossom” – $35
Mike Egan ‘Red Skull Bones’ – ltd to 25, $55
Paul Shih MPH Exclusive Bevil – ltd to 8, $60
Shawnimals Mini Pork-o-Lantern – $12
Shawnimals Zombie Takeout – ltd to 50 each, $20 each
Wheelbarrow ty_pos customs

All Days (10/11 – 10/14)
Dunk Funks Tank

Friday 10/12
12 – 1pm – Brutherford
1 – 2pm – Jeremiah Ketner & J*RYU
2 – 3pm – kaNO
3 – 4pm – MAD!
4 – 5pm – Chris Ryniak

Saturday 10/13
12 – 1pm – Brent Nolasco
1 – 2pm – Shawn Smith
2 – 3pm – Andrew Bell & Kelly Denato
3 – 4pm – Lou Pimentel
4 – 5pm – Doktor A

Onell Design – Booth 3216

Infernicus, Dark Champion of the Elemental Flame – ltd to 6, $60
Peter Kato Ninja Robo – $20
Uamou customs
Uamou x Realxhead ‘Real Uamou’

Thursday 10/11
3 – 6PM Releasing limited quantities of Cannibal F*ck Face ($85), Rottweiler Herpes ($85) and Altar Beast ($45)

Friday 10/12
3pm – Sucklord Bootleg Figures
4 – 7PM Releasing Mini GreaseBat, Heksen, Kusogon, Cannibal F*ck Face ($85), Rottweiler Herpes ($85) and Altar Beast ($45)
4 – 7PM OMFG Stealth Edition NYCC Only ($10), Spankystokes OMFG custom painted Strolls

Saturday 10/13
4 – 7PM All Releases

RAWRS – Booth 3115

Bitsumo XL

Sidekick Labs / Art Hustle – Booth 3117

Buff Monster Melty Misfits exclusive card
Japanese Melty Misfits Cards Debut

Friday 10/13
3pm – Sucklord Bootleg Figures

Saturday 10/14

Sunday 10/15


Friday 10/13
2pm – Buffmonster
3pm – Sucklord

Saturday 10/14
2pm – Buffmonster
3pm – Weird Luke
4pm – Sucklord

Sunday 10/15
2pm – Buffmonster

Spoke Art Gallery – Booth 3220

NYCC Wes Andersen Bad Dads prints
Various Prints


Super7 – Booth 3009

Mongolion “Cosmos” Exclusive – $65
Taoking “Meltdown” Exclusive – $95

Tara McPherson / Cotton Candy Machine – Booth 2903

Tenacious Toys – Booth 3121

Furry Feline Creatives Black Candycat Plush – 10 pieces
J*RYU Tenacious Toys Exclusive Baby Sapling – ltd to 25, $50 (Saturday 1pm)
Jon-Paul Kaiser Pandaimyo Blue Mini Qee – 300 pieces, $28
Nathan Hamill ‘Strife & Sire’
Rampage Toy Releases
Bad Applez Inc Releases
Ume Toys Dita Resin
VISEone Tube Monsters Zombie Juice, Tomato, Black (Pre-release) – 330 pieces each color
Various customs from artists

Friday 10/12
1pm – Jacobs JAMS
2pm – VISEone
3pm – Nathan Hamill

Saturday 10/13
11am – Jason Freeny
1pm – Jon-Paul Kaiser & J*RYU
2pm – Carson Catlin
3pm – Ume Toys
4pm – JC Rivera

Sunday 10/14
2pm – Jason Freeny

ThreeA Toys – Booth 3105

EMGY Mighty Square NYCC – $155
T-Shirt and Container – $30

Tokidoki – Booth 2905

Greyscale Royal Pride Blindboxes
NYCC Limited Edition Totes
Silver edition Porcino and Truffle
Muddy Porcino

Limit of 60 tickets for signing for Saturday and Sunday

Saturday 10/13
1 – 3pm

Sunday 10/14
12 – 2pm

Toy Tokyo – Booth 3303

MC SUPERSIZED CHINA – Ron English – 60 pcs

Friday 10/12
12pm – Joe Simko
1pm – Jason Freeny
2pm – Ron English
4:30pm – The Four Horsemen

Saturday 10/13
1pm – Kirk Hammett
4pm – Pushead

Zerofriends – Booth 3003


Richard Page NYCC Star Wars ‘Run R2’ print

NYCC Events

Wednesday 10/10

Toy Tokyo
Masters of the Universe 30th Anniversary Art Show
Opening reception 5-9pm. Show runs through October 24th

Temple of Darkness Sorceress Figure (pre-NYCC-release)- $22

Thursday 10/11

kaNO solo show
552 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY
Opens at 7pm

Art Wars: A New Hope, Intergalactic Art Show
Opening Reception 6 – 10pm

Jon-Paul Kaiser x Toy2R x Yoyamart
Star Wars A New Hope Custom Qee Show

Friday 10/12

Doktor A
Opening Reception 7 – 10pm

Cotton Candy Machine
Camilla d’Errico and Brandi Milne
Opening Reception 7 – 11pm

Kidrobot X Anniversary Party
Starts 7 – 11pm (PRIVATE)

Saturday 10/13
Designer Toy Awards hosted by The Sucklord
Providence NYC
311 West 57th Street
(between 8th & 9th Avenues)
New York, NY
Opens at 8pm – First 50 will receive a goodie bag.

Mikie Graham Jumping Brain Customs – ltd to 5, $45
Okedoki ‘Night Dreamer’ Benny – ltd to 28, only 3 available, $350
Bigfoot Fujisan “Mossy Orangutan” – ltd to 1, $400
Mark Nagata “King Kong Eyezon” – ltd to 1, $300
Monsterpants Sea-Borg Queen Universe – ltd to 15, $35
Paul Shih Metallic Silver Pandara – ltd to 5, only 3 available, $55
Jeff Lamm Remix Greasebat – ltd to 7, $82.50
RESTORE ‘Debris Japan Sol Edition – ltd to 10, $110
Artmymind’s Hellhound Resin Bloody Night – $65
Artmymind’s Hellhound Resin Clear Coral – $49
Artmymind’s Hellhound Resin Mystery Colorway – $
Hollowshells Yowls Figure – ltd to 10, $60

My Little Pony Project Show 2012
The Eventi Hotel
(Located at 6th Avenue and 29th Street)
835 6th Avenue
New York, NY 10001
Opening at 6pm to 11pm
Sunday from Noon to 5pm
Toy Tokyo

Artists Appearing in ‘The Block’ (in last name alphabetical order)
Doktor A
Camilla d’errico – Artist Alley Booth B7
Kelly Denato
Ron English
Pete Fowler
Jason Freeny
Jon-Paul Kaiser
Jeremiah Ketner
Simone Legno (Tokidoki)
Tara McPherson
Brent Nolasco
Lou Pimentel
Adrian Viajero Roman
Chris Ryniak
Erick Scarecrow
Shawn Smith
L’amour Supreme
Josh Taylor

Release Rundown :: Week of July 16

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

  • Sonny Angel Animal Series 4 :: With 12 new animals in the series, you’ll be delighted to add these to your collection, or to start a new one. This series features some out of the ordinary animals, including a goat, a skunk, a baboon and a swan, which brings up memories of Bjork in her swan outfit back in the early 2000’s.
  • Pocket Pork Dumpling Series 1 :: If you missed the release party, don’t worry because we’ve got a fresh stock of these dumplings by Shawnimals x mph x Squibbles Ink. These vinyl figures originate from the handmade plush dumplings based on Shawnimals’ character Wee Sticker. The plush series sold out quickly, but now that this series has been released there are more available, so don’t hesitate to grab one!
  • Bite Sized Ice Scream Man :: From Brutherford Industries, this is a smaller, blind-boxed version of their Ice Scream Man figure. Brutherford impresses us again, hand casting this series which features many flavors including, spiteful Strawberry, Villainous Vanilla, Malevolent Minstachio, Badass Brown, Bomb Pop, Beelzebanana, Oil Slick, Grotesque Gold, Blackberry, Grape Ice, Aqua Glow, Strawberry Ice, Ice and the Super-rare mega-awesome, golden ticket chase. The chase is extra lucky and entitles the person to 1 of 5 Pukey Pink Ice Scream Melt Monsters.
  • Message Octopus :: Although only the yellow one is pictured above, we still have blue, lime and purple available – but they are all in low stock! Each octopus is hand knit by the artist, Serena Wong. If you like message octopus, make sure to check out gentleman tooth.
  • Melty Misfits by Buff Monster :: Trading cards created by Buff Monster and produced by Sticker Labs. I recently found 30+ Garbage Pail Kids cards in storage, so maybe that is why I dig the nostalgic spin on these. I like how these cards kept it true to GPK stlye by creating original paintings from acrylic and airbrush, the same technique used in the originals. The backs of the cards feature puzzles, checklists and reproductions of the pencil sketches used to paint the cards. 7 sticker cards per pack.
  • Pop! Super Shiny Mini Series :: This blind box series from Kidrobot stands at 3″ and brings your favorite balloon characters into a more permanent realm. No longer do you have to fear that that balloon character from your kid sister’s party will deflate. These are happy to sit on your shelf in shiny glory for a long time. Six different animals in multiple metalized shades – Cat, Poodle, Giraffe, Bear, Swan, and Unicorn – these little sculptures won’t ever lose their gas.