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Goodbye NYCC…

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

New York Comic Con has come and gone once again and we had a great time. The crowds seemed larger than last year and everyone seemed extra excited about all the new booths in the Cultyard. We were able to hang out with some old friends and meet a bunch of new ones as well. Many east coast artists were in attendance and we were so happy to finally meet some of my favorites including Harley & Boss, Aya Kakeda and Aiko. Many of our exclusives have sold out but we have a few figures still available which are now available online. Some of the figures are in really short supply so get your hands on them before they’re gone for good.

Check out our photos from NYCC 2010 here

Pork Dorkling
2.5 inch New Yorka Yoka : Reactor88
2.5 inch New Yorka Yoka : Phu!
2.5 inch New Yorka Yoka : Motorbot
Yoka : Skateboard
The Last Samurai
The Prostitute

Wee Ninja dance!

See you next year NYCC. Pedo Bear says bye!

NYCC : 1 day left, time to prep!

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

1 day left before New York Comic Con begins! Here’s a few tips to make your experience a bit more fun :

1. Do not drive – There is no street parking in the area and the parking lots are pretty expensive. Take the subway if possible (E Train to 34th Street) and then walk or transfer to a bus (westbound M34). The weather is going to be great so take a stroll!

2. Bring cash – Some of the booths may not accept credit cards so as the boy scouts always say, “be prepared”. There are ATMs throughout the convention center so make use of them.

3. Bring snacks – Convention food is notoriously expensive and the surrounding restaurants leave a lot to be desired. Bring some snacks while you wait on the long lines and have a giant post convention dinner afterwards.

4. Make a list – Put together a list of everything you want and artists you want to meet so you don’t miss out on anything. Print out a copy of our NYCC Rundown List and keep it with you as you patrol the aisles.

5. Support your favorite artists – You probably have a long list of artists you want to meet and get sketches from. They take their time to travel to these shows and want to show their appreciation to their fans by sitting at a small table for hours on end sketching for free until their fingers stiffen up into claw like appendages. So if you enjoy their work please consider purchasing something of theirs before getting in line for a sketch because it will help them continue doing what they love and you will probably get a fancier sketch in return.

6. Take advantage of the post-show events – This is especially for those who are visiting NYC for the first time. There are always events going on throughout the weekend and is an excellent chance to talk with like minded fans as well as many artists. Nothing helps you unwind after a long day of conventioning (is that a word?) than a party, party, party! (Check the NYCC Rundown List for a list of events going on during the weekend.)

7. Have Fun! – You’re here to have fun, take in the atmosphere (and smells) and meet old and new friends. Check the drama at the door.

I hope these tips will be helpful to you when you attend the convention, it’s going to be fun. myplasticheart will be at booth #2879 in the Cultyard so come by and say hi!

NYCC : Blue Globulon

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Abe Lincoln Jr. is proud to announce the release of his first resin toy, Globulon. Abe will be releasing the Alpha Globulon colorway in conjunction with a signing at the myplasticheart  (booth #2879) in the Cultyard at New York Comic Con on Sunday, October 10th at 11 AM.

Alpha Globulon is the first release of the series and is cast in unpainted blue resin, he stands 5″ tall and will be available for all weekend. This run is limited to 25 pcs.

Globulon was created for a series of Priority Mail stickers that Abe was disseminating in the streets of NY over the Summer of 2009. Abe has been working on releasing select characters in toy form over the last year and this is the first of the series.

Globulon was designed by Abe Lincoln Jr. (, sculpted by veteran sculptor and toy collector, Mark Mascot, and cast by Tony Titanium of Titanium Toys (, and of course inspired by Hedorah, the Smog Monster (

NYCC : Glop in a Box – Biohazard Edition

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

“A box showed up on my doorstep one afternoon. This is not an altogether unusual experience, boxes show up at my studio all the time. But when I bent down to pick it up I noticed there was something different about this particular package. The box itself was bulging, a viscous fluid was slowly leaking from the bottom, and the whole thing had a distinct musty smell. I leaned closer to read the return address on the shipping label, and that’s when it started moving…”

Glop in a Box is a 4.5 inch resin figure designed by Andrew Bell and produced by MPHLabs. The Biohazard Edition will make it’s debut at the New York Comic Con in the myplasticheart booth #2879 and comes signed in a custom package designed by the artist. Each Glop comes sealed with special hand finished versions hidden in the series and will be available for $90.

NYCC : Pork Dorkling

Monday, October 4th, 2010

Continuing our long-lasting, popular Pocket Pork collaboration, Shawnimals and mph are proud to introduce this nerdy, comic con-friendly dumpling. Complete with thick-rimmed glasses, and his coveted issue of Super Pork, this handmade Pork Dorkling is ready to storm the con with his gang of steamed, collector pals.

This new dumpling comes bagged with a comic-book-cover numbered hang tag, glasses and two pork buttons. In addition, one lucky winner who finds the Super Pork cape inside his/her bag wins an AP edition Super Pork!

Pork Dorkling is limited to 100 pcs and will be available at the myplasticheart booth #2879 for $15. Shawn Smith will be signing at our booth (#2879) on Saturday 10/9 from 2:30PM – 3:30PM.

From the tag:
This otherwise simple dumpling has a secret: Not only does it own the rare first issue of Super Pork, when it loses the glasses and dons a cape it is Super Pork! Well, at comic conventions anyway…