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Scribe x Alisa Ross Plush Fuzzlebunns Costume

Monday, June 10th, 2013

Alisa Ross, crazy talented plush artist and wife of Donald “Scribe” Ross, recently had a solo show open at Windhorse Gallery in Kansas City. As an epic collaboration with her husband, she took Scribe’s mustached bunny character and made a costume out of it for her opening! The results are amazing! Below have a look at some images of the character in action.



We posted about this project in its early stages. See that post here.

New Project from Alisa Ross

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

Alisa Ross, fiber artist extraordinaire, whose work was in the custom Fonzo show we had at mph earlier this year, is taking her work to a new level with this wearable plush art! I’ve been watching the progression unfold online and it is amazing to see this rabbit character (no doubt based on one of her husband, Scribe’s characters) come to life through foam and fabric. Alisa is a super talented artist and I can’t wait to see if this becomes a full costume.





Gary Ham x Flat Bonnie Wooper Looper

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013


Gary Ham will be releasing a new Flat Wooper Looper around Easter. This time, the Wooper Looper is in plush form AND for a good cause. Flat Wooper Looper is a collaboration with Flat Bonnie, an organization working to “bring awareness to the life of bunnies in shelters and rescue centers”. Flat Bonnies act as a step for people who want to try out a pet bunny but might not be ready just yet to have one. When the time comes, Flat Bonnie will remind them to adopt a bunny in need! A portion of the sales are donated to bunny rescue organizations. What a sweet cause! This is a prototype, so I look forward to seeing the final product.

Andrew Bell’s Batty & Deville

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

We’re no strangers to Andrew Bell’s fantastic creature creations. We’ve even collaborated with this talented artist on projects like Glop in a Box.

And you know that his plush figures are loved by humans and animals alike…

Andrew BellKiba and the Worrible

So, we were excited to see new plush pals from Andrew – Batty & Deville – from Squishables Inc.

Andrew BellJust another day at the office… Photo from Andrew Bell

Andrew Bell


Andrew BellDeville

These 15″ plushies are both sporting cute mohawks and I can’t get enough of Batty’s bulging eyes, a signature on many of Andrew’s characters. I’d be happy to cuddle up to either of these this winter. What about you?

Felt Mistress x Jon Burgerman Doughnuts

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Jon Burgerman and You Jung Byun will be showcasing their work on October 27 in Mexico in their show entitled Fantastic Doughnut Planet, a show inspired by their lives in New York, science fiction films and donuts. Felt Mistress worked her magic and created these plushie doughnuts from Jon’s characters as a collaboration for the exhibition. I always really enjoy her interpretation of his doodles! What do you think?