Caleb Neelon at deCordova

We featured Caleb Neelon here on the blog when discussing his approach to prepping for making murals. If you missed that post, you should definitely check it out, since it gives a cool little insight to his artistic process. Caleb recently created a mural at deCordova for an exhibition entitled Wall Works, featuring 5 artists in addition to himself. The exhibition created an interesting way for the artists to engage with and redefine the current art collection at the museum. Each artist selected pieces from the current collection to serve as inspiration and also to work into their own artwork on a wall space. The melding of the two, the artists’ work and the deCordova collection, refreshes their permanent art collection and creates a dialogue between it and the artists’ pieces. You can see more about Caleb’s piece in this short video from Converse:

The exhibit is in Lincoln, MA and runs until April 22nd. Go check out his piece “Mother Buddha of Infinite Involvement”!

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