Cris Rose x Podgy Panda

Podgonaut & Ramsay

My friend and talented customizer, illustrator and Rabid, Wild & Docile participant, Podgy Panda will be releasing new work on April 5th along with fellow London-based artist and designer Cris Rose. The two have collaborated on a resin piece with two variants – one being Cris Rose’s Ramsay and the other being Podgy’s Podgonaut. This is the first edition of the figures and will be limited to five of each. Although mph won’t be releasing these, I wanted to feature them on here especially because we had Mister Panda’s work in our all bear show.

Podgy Panda’s description of the Podgonaut’s:

“The first batch of Podgonauts are rearing to go! These fine lads of the Panda Exploration Core are equipped with everything they need for their top secret mission. High powered Jetpacks, advanced spacesuits and more courage then you can shake a stick at! What secret mission are they about to embark on? Stay tuned to find out!”

The thing I really love about this limited run is that each face on the Podgonaut’s are different. Among a plethora of things, one thing that Podgy Panda does well is capture fun and mischief in his characters’ expressions. These are no exception; each one has a certain sweet charm to it. If you’re interested in picking one of these up, they’ll be available in his web store.

Podgy is also releasing prints in collaboration with that depict more of the story behind these figures, so keep an eye out for those too!

Work in Progress of one of the prints


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