Devilrobots Tofu-Oyako Watch

I wanted to call everyone’s attention to the Devilrobots watches we now have in stock because in my humble opinion, they’re pretty great. The watch line is called “Don’t Be Late To-Fu” and is full of personality. There are several to choose from including a rockin’ mohawk To-Fu (pink) and a skull “Poison To-Fu” (black) but my favorite is the classic white watch with To-Fu face. Each one is a slap-style band and the face is removable; you can even conveniently fit an iPod nano in its place. As a welcome added bonus, each comes with a To-Fu figure/keychain.

If you follow Devilrobots on Facebook, you might have seen the competition they were holding, “My To-Fu Oyako snapshot game” where fans were asked to send in images of their To-Fu friends. Here are some cute shots:

Which To-Fu is your favorite?

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