Dunny 2012 Series

Now that the Dunny 2012 series has been revealed and is dropping June 21, how are people feeling about this new series? My favorites so far are Junko Mizuno’s Dunny, especially with the long, flowing hair – both colorways strike my fancy. I also love the Scribe giraffe character Dunny. It is always great to see additions that add a new dimension to the Dunny character. I’m sure there will be a lot of people shaking and feeling the blind boxes to get that one.


Junko Mizuno

Image from Scribe


Have a look over at the Kidrobot blog for more info about this Andrew Bell Dunny

In other Dunny news – Squink’s custom 3″ “First Gold Ribbon Series” Dunny, is being released today (June 12) at 12 (PST) in Squink’s online shop.

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