Flamingo by Felt Mistress

This hand-sewn flamingo is one of the latest pieces from textile artist Felt Mistress. I’ve been adoring the images she’s posted online recently of this commissioned work and wanted to share them here. I am not sure who this creature is for, but it is a masterpiece of her craftsmanship! And if you are in the mood to grab your own Felt Mistress character, make sure to check out Tippy in our web store.


Images of Flamingo by Felt Mistress




Tippy enjoys traveling the world trying to recruit new members to Team Tippy.

He likes:

The colour orange
Tying his own shoelaces
The music of Polysics
Chocolate eclairs
He can often be found socializing with his crew – Pedro the Squirrel, Grayson the Horse
Mr Neville (the newsagent)

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