Ji Ja Birds by Mr. Clement

In case you haven’t seen the Ji Ja figures by Mr. Clement that dropped earlier this month, I wanted to draw your attention to them. The Ji Ja Birds come from Mr. Clement’s comic strip Ji Ja Cafe, which features the antics of these two bird characters who are only able to speak “Ji” and “Ja”.

I thought this was a fitting comic to show, since new year’s is approaching and some people might be thinking about fitness-related resolutions.

These birds exemplify the simplicity that makes Mr. Clement’s characters so wonderful. We have unfortunately already sold out of the yellow version, which is why I wanted to highlight theseĀ figures, so you’d have a chance to grab the white one before it sells out as well. Figure comes with articulated arms and neck and stands 4 inches. Figure also comes with a tiny envelope, which relates to their story – they are exploring the world between frames, carrying a mysterious message in the tiny envelope to someone who is waiting for it and like every journey there are stories to tell on the way.

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