Loving to Hate You: Gloomy Bear

As we drift into February, love is in the air. Well, at least for some of us. Others might be feeling stinging anger mixed with rage and bitterness, causing distress enough to want to strangle that chubby, flying baby. No matter what feeling you’re having about the impending holiday, Gloomy Bear has got your back. We’ve got the classic Gloomy in pink, blue and even albino, and then of course the enraged and bloody Gloomy in pink and grey.

For those of you who are more into hard, plastic tech instead of squishy, soft plush, check out these iPhone 4 covers in Gloomy Eats A Pomegranate, Mass, and Baby Gloomy & Pity.

And for those of us who might be spending the holiday feasting on bonbons and champagne, here are some Gloomy lunch boxes (Bloody Gloomy in black and Baby Gloomy) and tin coasters (in Memories w/Pity and Gloomy faces)!

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