New Moon Artist: Naoko Stoop

Today, we’re talking to Naoko Stoop, a Brooklyn-based illustrator who grew up in Japan. Her character the Red Knit Cap Girl and her bunny friend have become a staple in her enchanting paintings. Naoko has been drawing since she was a little girl, but her illustration skills weren’t fully flexed until after she studied interior design and began drawing on brown paper bags. She’s influenced by her surroundings, especially Brooklyn’s Prospect Park and tries to inspire the inner five year old within us all.

Sneak peek at Naoko’s work

What zodiac sign have you chosen to represent?

Why did you choose this zodiac sign?
It’s 2012, a year of Dragon!

Tell us a bit about your piece and the process for creating it.
I drew a dragon with my own character “Red Knit Cap Girl” and “White Bunny”. Bunny was the zodiac sign of 2011 and it is hanging on the Dragon of 2012. I am hoping the things I started last year will grow this year,  and wave and rock like the Dragon!!

Thanks, Naoko!

New Moon 2012: Interpretations of the Chinese Zodiac
January 20, 2012
6:00PM – 9:00PM
Exhibition runs until 02.19.12

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