Obey: Supply & Demand 20th Anniversary Edition

As it gets colder, I find myself wanting to stay in and spend time with my book collection. Today, I grabbed my copy of Obey: Supply & Demand 20th Anniversary Edition to have another read through it. It is a hefty book, but completely worth the extra pounds. Plus, if you’ve been sitting awhile reading it, you can always do a few curls to make sure your svelte physique lasts through the cold weather. This book is a comprehensive collection of the growth of artist Shepard Fairey and his most recognizable moniker and street art project, Obey. Through Fairey’s own words and the words of respected authors, writers, artists and critics in the art community, including Roger Gastman, co-author of The History of American Graffiti, the reader learns more about the history, process and motivation behind Fairey’s journey as an artist as well as his run ins with the law and thoughts on other artists.  The book’s coverage is extensive and well presented, with a stellar amount of images of Fairey’s work throughout the years. And it doesn’t hurt that when purchasing this book, you also get a free color poster.

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