Oliver Hibert


Remember Milton, a character by Oliver Hibert, which mph had as an exclusive pre-release at NYCC 2011? I certainly do and I am a super fan of this figure. Recently I wanted to catch up on what is happening with this artist and it looks like he’s been busy!

If you are interested in Oliver’s work and looking to go on some acid-inducing spirit quest with sexual tones but don’t want to indulge too much… check out his online shop where you can buy one of the 50 tiny paintings he used to make his new book – ELEMENTS: 50 Tiny Paintings.

Oliver also has a show coming up with an impressive lineup including Arbito, Buff Monster, Grant Wiggins, Martin Ontiveros, Pinky and Spencer Hibert. The show is entitled Vivid Visions, opening this Thursday, Aug. 2 at Compound Gallery in Portland, Oregon. In the words of Oliver Hibert himself, “Come see some amazing art and meet the men behind the madness, we won’t bite.” So if you are over on the west coast later this week, check it out!

And if you aren’t on the west coast – but looking for something to do this weekend – make sure to check out the opening of Signs of the Apocalypse opening Friday from 6-9pm at mph!

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