“Snow White” Illustrated by Camille Rose Garcia

Snow White – available at mph

Camille Rose Garcia was one of the first artists I had been drawn to whose work exuded a darker tone. Her mix of beauty with sadness creates a magical balance that allows you to travel to worlds beyond ours. Her reinterpretation of Alice in Wonderland did not disappoint, so when I found out she would be illustrating Snow White, I was more than looking forward to it. Although the book was not released until earlier this year, Garcia had an exhibition at Michael Kohn Gallery in LA last year entitled “Snow White and the Black Lagoon”, a series of paintings depicting our delusional relationship with nature. Garcia returned to that same gallery this year to display her illustrations from the book, coinciding with the release of two feature films based on Snow White. Her illustrations for Snow White reference the early animation of Disney movies as well as the beautiful intricacies of vintage German fairy tale books. Her work is nothing short of a perfect marriage between the enchanting and the macabre, a crafted balance that Garcia seamlessly depicts in her illustrations. Below find a video with Garcia working on her illustrations for the book.

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