Sonny Angel :: Easter Series

Sonny Angels get me every time. And they’ve once again gone all holiday on us in this Easter Series. I never thought I’d love a half naked lil’ angel baby so much, but I just do. It is some sort of unexplained phenomenon. And I know you do too. It’s okay. Just embrace it!

This time the Sonny Angels are taking a cue from the classic chocolate Easter bunny but putting a bit of a twist on it. There are 5 chocolate flavors – Bitter, Extra bitter, White (with two variations), Milk and Strawberry. The 5 figures aren’t just chocolate-dipped, but in Sonny Angel style, each one is an animal – 3 rabbits, 1 elephant, a cock (or as we say in the states, a rooster) and a koala. The bunnies even have little tails! Each Sonny Angel is blind packed in it’s own egg or if you want to make sure you get the whole set, mph has those available too.

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