Spotlight on Ice Scream Man

I wanted to highlight the Brutherford Industries’ Ice Scream Man, since I have been following the production of this figure on the Brutherford Industries’ blog. These pieces surely seem like a labor of love and sweat, as the creator takes a very DIY approach to these resin figures. According to the Brutherford blog, Ryan Rutherford aka Bryan Brutherford, the creator of Ice Scream Man, isn’t usually attracted to creating angry imagery, but after scuplting Ice Scream Man, he’s become addicted to the idea of angry and violent things meeting their demise by becoming melted, much more loveable looking gooey puddles. I like this concept… and I like ice cream, so this is really a win-win for me. We have Vanilla, Mint and Strawberry available, with Mint and Strawberry limited to 125 pieces each and signed by the artist. The packaging design, created by illustrator (and the artist’s significant other… so cute!) Tamara Petrosino, looks great as well (see below).

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