Spotlight on Oliver Jeffers

Rabid, Wild & Docile artist, Oliver Jeffers has been a favorite of mine for years. One of my past professions was as a children’s librarian, and one day while perusing the picture books, I came across The Great Paper Caper, a tale about a mysterious bear who is chopping down the trees in a forest. The book’s illustrations are so charming and memorable; Oliver certainly has a knack for creating enchanting scenes. And the little stick legged creatures he illustrates have a way of popping out of the page at you. It wasn’t until a couple of years later on an art tour I took while employed at Wootini Gallery that I was able to meet Oliver and pay a visit to his studio at the time. It was during this visit that I saw a greater depth in his work upon seeing his oil paintings. Oliver’s career continues to grow both in the illustration and painting world. Oliver now has eight children’s books under his belt, with Stuck published last year. Since discovering Oliver’s work, I have wanted to see his characters in 3D, and although he has yet to have a custom toy made of his characters, he has collaborated with Digby & Iona to create a line of jewelry based on his characters.

Image from studio visit in 2010 (Photo by Saki Waki)

Penguin ring from Oliver Jeffers x Digby & Iona

Limited edition print from the Great Paper Caper in Rabid, Wild & Docile

Keep an eye on Oliver Jeffer’s work and maybe he will release a designer toy one day!

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