Spotlight on Scott Tolleson

We have a heap of great work from Scott Tolleson in the mph shop, so I wanted to give him the spotlight today! If there’s argyle on it, you may just be looking at Scott’s work. But just because he’s mastered the nerdy cute look, don’t be fooled, this artist is not a one trick pony. Utilizing his signature argyle, he continues to build on his style to create dynamic and interesting new characters.

Scott’s always amazing me with awesome color choices, like in Chipster (below).

And I always love getting lost in the world he has created in Stolle’s Neighborhood with characters like Otis and Otto.

At mph, we also have his Ghost Girl custom, entitled “Corroded Queen” which features a beautiful face, with clean symmetrical lines, juxtaposed with a more worn look for the rest of the head, making for an interesting piece. In this piece, I love seeing Scott’s signature argyle on the back, mixed with new elements in his work.

I contacted Scott, and he was gracious enough to send over some shots from his studio space and of his favorite toys. Here’s a look (below) at his workspace when tackling some Sketch Cards.

He also gave us a great shot of the next little fellow in the Nosellot plush family who was available at Wondercon. This bow-tie wearing cutie is Francis, and he comes in two colors, yellow & pink and grey & blue.

And last but not least, he gave us a shot of Bernie Cotton in all his glory!

Thanks, Scott!

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