Toys in Progress : Eyeformation’s DIY Ice Cream

I recently took a trip to Lowell, MA to check out Eyeformation’s studio space for Studio Miners. Eyeformation, is Frank Casazza and his artwork consists of bold lines and oftentimes bright, happy colors. His characters bring a smile to your face, featuring wide eyes and matching smiles. It’s hard not to get a bit giddy and lose yourself in a world of mustached trees and fluffy clouds. I felt very fortunate to be in Eyeformation’s studio, especially when he mentioned he’s been working on creating a DIY toy. We’ve seen ice cream come to life in 3D before. Buff Monster’s inflatable ice cream and Don Gelato from the Acid Sweeties series surely melted our hearts, but this fat little swirl of an ice cream will be a happy new spin on sweet treats in the vinyl and art world! And in the meantime, if you’re hungry for something sweet, why not grab one of Heidi Kenney’s figures, like this Plush Ice Cream Sandwich or a Yummy Donut! What food would you like to see as a figure?!

A plush figure of the same ice cream character

The prototype fresh from the 3D printer (don’t worry – he’ll be smoothed out by the time he hits the shelves!)

Plush ice cream enjoying a dip in the work-in-progress packaging for the DIY figure

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