Up-and-Comer: Jeff Beck

I met Jeff Beck while working at Wootini Gallery in Carrboro, NC. He provided some fantastic zombie luchadores, “El Zombie Loco” and “El Cerebro”, to our Locals Only exhibition. You may have seen his work for Tenacious Toys, when they approached him to create some 80’s cartoon-inspired customs. He came up with some very cool Thundercat custom Munnys. A lot of Beck’s work is pop-culture inspired, oftentimes featuring zombies, cartoons and cult movie icons. Today, I wanted to go beyond Beck’s cool custom toys to also give you a look at his paintings. He’s definitely got some serious drive and determination when it comes to his work, so he is an artist to watch!

“You’ve Got Red on You”

“Masters of Fresh Skeletor” Record

“Cereal Killers – Frankenberry”

“The Original Guidos – Luigi” Wood Plaque

“The Original Guidos – Mario” Wood Plaque

Jeff also included a few work in progress shots of upcoming projects:

Day of the Dead skulls

Check out those coffins. I’m intrigued!

New paintings in progress. I really like his use of background color choices, especially on that orange one!

Couldn’t resist including an image of his Ash commissioned custom

Thanks so much to Jeff Beck for sharing these images with us!

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