Alisa Ross and Scribe’s Customs for Fonzo Love NY

Fonzo Love NY opens on January 11 at mph and in anticipation of this fantastic show, we want to share sneak previews of the custom Fonzos created by the talented artists in this show’s lineup. Check out Scribe and Alisa Ross’s work below!

First up is Alisa’s work entitled “Dutchess Penelope Fon Zollinger III”, and made mainly from fabric, faux fur, and jewels.


Alisa2Check out that removable head!

Next up is Scribe’s custom, “The Boston Buffer”, created using sculpey, wood and other materials and painted with acrylics.
If you look at Scribe’s work, you’ll see a striking resemblance to the couple’s super cute dog, Cake. Have a look at some Cake pics below!scribepup scribepup1

Cake loves Andrew Bell’s Worrible




So sweet! Thanks to Alisa and Scribe for sharing these images with us!

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