southerndrawl’s Iron Bat for Fonzo Love NY Show

In anticipation of Freak Store’s Fonzo Love NY show at mph, here’s a look at southerndrawl’s custom Fonzo entitled, “Fonzo Iron Bat”.

In the artist’s words, “The Fonzo is a great new platform and I wanted to stay true to its main features. In my opinion, the most awesome thing about the Fonzo are the ears. But its most distinctive feature is its recessed/flat nose. Add those little tiny legs and the the only animal I could think of with those qualities is the vampire bat. So, I made the ears even larger, the nose more pronounced (but still kinda recessed/flat), riveted it up and you have the Fonzo Iron Bat!”


ironbat2 ironbat4 ironbat5

ironbat6 ironbat1

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