Japanese “Virtual Pop Idol” Hatsune Miku : Giveaway!

You probably are familiar with the Gorrilaz,  but digital diva Hatsune Miku, takes this virtual band concept to a whole new level. Miku, with her distinctive long aqua hair, is a sassy vocaloid digital female avatar created by Crypton Future Media, Inc. Not only is she computer generated, but her voice is too. Miku, whose voice is synthesized using Yamaha’s Vocaloid software application, has been featured in more than 100,000 songs and videos created and shared by fans across the globe and was chosen by Toyota to star in their U.S. ad campaign for the 2011 Corolla. This past summer, she made waves at her U.S. debut in L.A. at Anime Expo, performing a live concert. Miku is back in the U.S. for a concert series happening November 10th at 7pm (local time) in 9 major cities. We want to give you the chance to win a set of tickets to the NYC showing! We have two sets of tickets up for grabs, so fill out the form below and you’ll be in the running! One entry per person please. Contest ends on November 8th. Good luck!

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