5 Questions With… David Healey!

How long have you been creating toys and how did you get into it?

I’ve been doing it for a little over a decade consistently. I would mess around as a child but who didn’t? Turning Croc Master into Freddy Krueger was when I realized I was really into it. Then I built military models around the clock for years too.

Your toy mashups are awesome, how do you usually decide on what figures to use together?

Finding the combos and pieces comes from a lot of staring at toys and trying to really figure them out. Each piece or set usually has some super long explanation, but I like to let people tell me about it. Right or wrong.

The colors of your resin figures are really great, do you custom mix your colors? Where does your inspiration for the colors come from?

Color is a major part to my work. If the piece is made up of things you may know you have to camouflage them in order to give them new meaning. That’s how I use color. My favorite class was color theory because I really picked up some skills. It’s kind of like a creative martial art.

Are the figures we are releasing exclusive colorways of original characters and if so, can you tell us a bit about them?

The figures for MPH were made as an edition for the store. The figures have not been available in these colors previously. Jin BaBa is actually the name of a Pakistani boogeyman. Translated it means something like “Ghost Father”. There is another strange coincidence with the name but I’m not going to tell you. “Mein” is the German word for mine. The figure’s body is made of a Cobra air mine also. The figure is poised to explode…kinda channeling its anger. That’s enough. Too much info. Don’t let it ruin it for you. I guess it could be viewed as cute too.

Do you have a large collection of toys? Is there one prized toy you have in your collection or perhaps one you’ve been seeking out?

I have many toys. I collect bad guys from vintage lines and an unhealthy amount of Kinnikuman stuff. I love Sunshine & Black Hole. Two of the greatest character designs ever.

“Jin Baba” the boogeyman and the explosive “Mein” figures are cast in clear resin and available in both the smokey Frosted Haze and Frosted Violett variations. These figures are made in very limited quantities and will be available starting today, December 8th at 2PM EST for $39.99 each, in both our online store and our location at 210 Forsyth St., NYC. For more images and information on the figures, have a look here.



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