Five Questions With… Sonni!

We’ve created a new post series here at myplasticheart, so you can get to know the artists we’ve worked with or are working with in the future. First up is Sonni whose exhibition Carry the Fun is opening at mph on November 3rd!

1. You’ve made it known that you have an affinity for painting murals and creating artwork that can be seen in the streets. What is it about this that you enjoy?

I love making my work available to the public and opening a dialogue between myself and the public even in my absence. I get emails all the time from people in Argentina who write to say that they saw my mural and it made them smile. That to me is the reason why I do what I do.

2. Can you tell us a bit about the art scene in Buenos Aires? How has living there inspired your work?

The art scene is kind of small compared to here, but there are some incredible artists. It’s different because public art isn’t as regulated. I hear about artists getting arrested for doing graffiti or a sculpture for a roof, and I find it kind of weird.

3. Your exhibition at myplasticheart is called Carry the Fun. Can you elaborate on the ideas behind this title and the body of work?

Carry the Fun is basically about the stewardship of your work. Being an artist is not only a balance but a process that ultimately produces my satisfaction. For example, single-handedly cutting 100 wooden houses isn’t the most fun activity in the world, but when I get into my rhythm, it stops being a chore and starts being fun. It becomes part of my show and it all feels validated and easy.

4. You’ve made the jump from work on the screen and in print to wooden figures. What inspired your wooden figures and how did you find the experience of creating them as opposed to the work you’ve done before?

Well, I don’t have a specific medium for my work. I like to draw, work on the computer, make an installation, little sculptures, street art, or animation. My father is a carpenter so I was playing with wood all of my childhood. When I thought about creating toys, it just seemed natural for me to make them from wood.

5. Do you collect art toys? And are you looking to create one in the future?
Yes! I love art toys! I collect all kinds. I am not looking to create one in the future, I’m looking to create millions!

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