Five Questions With… Evoker!

We spoke to Rabid, Wild & Docile artist Evoker about his bear characters, favorite art toys and more in this installment of “Five Questions With…”!

Evoker at the Rabid, Wild & Docile opening

“Grumpy Bear” from RWD

“Running Scared” from RWD

You’ve become well-known for your use of bears in your work. Do you feel pigeon-holed into doing these characters or do you relish in them?
When I originally moved to Boston, the bears were something I was starting to work on. Then, I started to gain a little bit of steam, and it seemed like people expected them from me all the time. Because people expected me to be the “bear guy”, I started producing a lot of them. At first, I wasn’t that happy about having to make so many bears, but after taking some time away from them and coming back, I am really enjoying creating bear characters and playing with different ways to work with them.

Do you have a toy collection? If so, what toy in your collection is your favorite?
My pink and green Fatimas by Sam Flores

Who in the art scene are you watching closely at the moment?
Flying Fortress, Dabs and Myla, NoseGo, Tim Sullivan, Jeremy Fish & Ekiem… anyone who is creating bold, classic style characters and doing them well.

If you could pick one of your characters to turn into an art toy, which one would it be?
It is super difficult for me to narrow it down to just one, so I’ll pick a few. I’d say the beaver or the walrus, from my recent work or the “Hill Person” that I created from a custom Bic Buddy last year… but I would have someone way better than me sculpt it.

“Hill Person” – custom Bic Buddy by Evoker

Do you have anything coming up you want to promote?
Yes, definitely. I have limited edition “Owl” screen prints coming out this week, which I’ll be selling on my site.

Thanks go out to Evoker! And remember to check out his pieces “Grumpy Bear” and “Running Scared” in the Rabid, Wild & Docile show!

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