Five Questions With… Shawn Smith!

We spoke to Shawn Smith of Shawnimals for our “Five Questions With…” series about his toy collection and more! Make sure to have a look at our collection of Shawnimals goodies! We’ve got Moustachios, Ninjas, Buttons and more! Perfect presents for the holidays!

1. With so many characters Shawnimals has created, do you have a favorite?

How to choose from over 450? It’s changed over the years, depending on my mood and current interests, but I usually err on the side of the simpler designs. Wee Ninja, of course, since it’s so simple but has provided us so much, and beyond that I’ve always been drawn to Orange Leggy, and our lumps from Sack O’ Lumps.

2. Do you have an outrageous toy collection? If so, do you have a favorite toy or one that you are always searching for?

Yes and no. I would not call myself a true toy collector, but when I like something I usually seek out rarities. Dehara for instance, and a lot of Le Merde and Bwana Spoons stuff when I can. I’m also a sucker for Devilrobots. Outside of them, it’s bits and pieces depending on some aspect of a toy that tickles my aesthetic fancy. Being in the industry also affords me plenty of trades with amazing artists and designers. As such, my collection continually grows in that way.

3. Has there been a favorite moment for you during the time you’ve been working to create Shawnimals?

There are plateaus. Those moments when you’re about the throw in the towel and then something amazing happens. Our Nintendo DS game was most definitely one of those moments. But we’ve experience many kinds of moments like that – some big, some small – over our 10 years of doing this.

4. When it’s down to the wire on a project you’re working on, what do you do to motivate you to reach your goal?

We’re fans of this stuff, and of our own stuff, so that’s usually motivation enough. We want to make awesome stuff, so that’s usually a pretty solid indicator of something’s worth. If we’re sold on it, we want to finish it.

5. Do you have any projects you’re working on that you can let us in on?

iPhone stuff! Though the specifics are a bit secret. And beyond that, we’re well on our way for Ninja of the Month 2012. Look for subs available on Monday, December 5th, 2011 on our web site.

Thanks, Shawn!

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