Interview with Jibibuts Artist :: Anna Chambers


How did you become involved with the Artist Collection for Jibibuts?

They asked, I said yes!  Because I really love their toys to begin with it was easy.

What is the concept behind the artwork you created for the Jibibuts?

When I found out I would be getting the Moli wooden Jibibut platform I was excited since the middle parts spin around.  I wanted to create a mix n’ match sort of toy that can be flipped.

Which other artist’s Jibibut is your favorite in this series?
Well I really love them all. But if I had to choose, I’ll say the Peskimo one is really cute!

I know you create a lot of plush work. What is the appeal of plush creatures as a medium for your art?

The appeal of plush for me is that I love to sew.  It’s just another creative outlet for me.

Do you have any exciting new projects you can tell us about?

I do have some projects in the works for this year, but I can never say anything till its actually done and out in the world.  Expect more plush!

Thanks, Anna!

You can check out the Jibibuts Artist Series in our online shop or in store at 210 Forsyth Street, New York, NY!

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