Kelly Denato’s Holiday Wishlist


I asked Fall into Frost artist, Kelly Denato, to look through our Holiday Gift Guide, so she could tell us into what she’s into this holiday season. Check out her picks below!

Seasonal Gifts:
Pocket Pork Gingerbread – Adorable!
2.5 inch Yoka: Gingerbread – Also tasty
Sonny Angel Xmas Series – Love these for their vintage toy flair and undeniable creepiness

For the Guys:
Dragon Kings by kaNO – Sleek, slick, and way macho 😉
Moustachios – Any one of these would do, though I’m partial to the brunette.  A mustache with a mustache – Nuff said.

For the Gals:
The Lover Ji Ja – I love this, simple & sweet & PINK
Unicorno – Anyone of these is adorbs. The plush one isn’t too shabby either.

For the Foodies:
Oh No Sushi/Sashimi – Can’t lose with these for foodies. Adorable and sad as hell 😛
Toaster USB hub & Toast USB drives – Yes yes yes
Yummy Ice Cream Sandwich Plush – This would be my pillow and I would dream of ice creams forever…
Yummy Dessert Keychain – I’ve purchased these for my mom and my nieces and nephew, they are always a hit.

For the Techies:
Toaster USB stuffs again
Mimobot Boba fett: I’ll be buying this for my big brother this xmas
Android Series 3 – Go get you a Pandroid!

For the City Slickers:
5 inch Tag Your Own Box Truck: Cause it’s fun
NYC Cup & Saucer Set: Cause it’s pretty & NYC themed

For the Kiddies:
Jibibuts – These are just lovely
Jibibuts Artist Series – Equally lovely
Yummy Donuts Eraser Pack – I dream that these erasers smell as delicious as they look, but I think it’s just a dream…
Pop Super Shiny – They are super shiny, need I say more?

And that’s all! Merry Happy Everyone!


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