New Moon Artist: catmandru!

Today we are looking at New Moon 2012 artist catmandru!’s work in the show. catmandru!, an artist whose career all started out with a doodle of a cat on a napkin, is inspired by all things cute and has a love of animals, especially felines. With the encouragement of friends, catmandru! has gone on to create a plethora of cute critters in limited edition digital prints. Check out his work “Flaming Mochi” in the New Moon 2012 show.

“Flaming Mochi!”

What zodiac sign have you chosen to represent? And why?
I chose the Dragon, which is this year’s zodiac sign and it only made sense.

Tell us a bit about your piece and the process for creating it.
My piece is called “Flaming Mochi!”. I wanted to create a piece that reminded me of  Asian street food markets celebrating the Chinese New Years. The concept started as usual on a post-it note doodle. From there I refine that doodle on Photoshop, gradually adding details on the background and characters. Most of my artwork revolve around friends whom I have drawn into an animal character or from my Facebook fans who submitted pictures of their pets on my fan page.

What is your zodiac sign and do you think it is accurate?
My zodiac sign is the Snake which comes after the Dragon. I don’t believe in vague descriptions of zodiac personalities but I’d say I have some of these traits; outgoing, adventurous, friendly, caring and optimistic. So one day if you bump into me in an art show or social event, don’t be afraid to come over and talk to me. I don’t bite, I promise.

Thanks, catmandru!

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