New Moon Artist: Lawrence Yang

Today is the opening of New Moon: Interpretations of the Chinese Zodiac and we’re excited to bring you the last of the sneak peeks of artwork in the show. After this, we’ll have coverage of the opening and closer looks at other pieces in the show. Below is a process shot of San Francisco-based artist Lawrence Yang’s work. Lawrence’s artwork has intrigued me, with its bursts of color and sometimes ghostly, other-worldy feel. I love how he clearly doesn’t take himself too seriously, with his website address being “” and his proclamation that he once ate an entire bag of Fun Size Three Musketeers. Impressive! Read on to find out more about his artwork in the show and why poultry has a special place in his heart.

What zodiac sign have you chosen to represent? And why?

I’ll be painting a rooster.  When thinking through all of the animals, rooster was the only one that came into mind as a completed scene. Also, I love fried chicken, so poultry already has a special place in my heart.

Tell us a bit about your piece and the process for creating it.
I always start with a watercolor wash – after that it’s a messy blur of ink, paint, too much water, blotting the paint, adding more water, getting frustrated, then finally getting it to a place where I like it.  And then I added some little chicks.>

What is your zodiac sign and do you think it is accurate?
I am born in the year of the dog, which I suppose is accurate.  Loyal and faithful and all that

Thanks, Lawrence!

See you tonight at…

New Moon : Interpretations of the Chinese Zodiac 2012
January 20, 2012
6:00PM – 9:00PM
Exhibition runs until 02.19.12

210 Forsyth St.
Lower East Side
New York

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