New Moon Artist: May Ann Licudine

Although Philippines-based artist May Ann Licudine’s pieces in New Moon 2012 have sold, we still wanted to highlight them on the blog and let her talk about the new approach she it taking to making her work in 3D.

“Rabbit Mask”

“Shardul’s Favorite Toy”

What zodiac sign have you chosen to represent? And why?
Rabbit & Tiger, because I wanted to portray my all-time favorite tiger plushie named Shardul and of course, rabbits are just adorably cute.

Tell us a bit about your piece and the process for creating it.
About my Rabbit piece: At present, I’m working on making 3D artwork to make my characters look real. I am still working on this new approach and I hope it will add a deeper dimension to my artwork. I enjoy working with clay and although it’s difficult to work with it, I love the feel of it on my hands because of its texture and how it can be molded. Clay is really fun! I will be making more clay sculptures in the future.

About my Tiger piece: I used acrylic & colored pencil on wood; that’s how I always work. I tried to utilize my new soft color palette.


These pieces are quite beautiful and create precious, delicate-looking worlds that draw the viewer in for a closer look. The artist’s execution of clay to create a 3D character adds a new dimension to her work that I look forward to seeing more of. It’s a shame they are already gone if you were not the ones to purchase them, but you’re in luck because there are still other amazing pieces from talented artists in our online store. And if you’re in NYC, New Moon 2012 will be up in the gallery until Feb. 19th… come visit!

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