Rabid, Wild & Docile Artist: Paul Shih

New Zealand artist Paul Shih is one of my standout favorite artists designing and producing his own art toys. Here’s a bit about what he had to say about his pieces in Rabid, Wild & Docile

Where did the idea for these pieces come from?
The idea for “Guilt” (featured above) came from the time I spent with my little nephew. I observed him and tried to understand the rights and wrongs of a one year old. For “PANDARA”, the idea comes from the music that I love, which is punk rock & metal. And in this case, it’s all heavy metal!

Why do bear characters play a significant role in your work?
The funny thing is that I didn’t notice I’ve been drawing so many bears. I guess I was just bored of drawing humans, and decided to create a surreal world of animals. Somehow bears became the human in this world, probably because there are so many bear characters out there: in cartoons, toys, mascots, commercial products. All those bears surrounding me influenced me to portray bears as humans!

Why do you think there has been a high occurrence of artists choosing to portray bears in their work?
I’m not sure, maybe we’re like minded? If I was right, it’s an endless loop, and we’ll only see more of bearssss…

Although Paul’s PANDARA figure has already been sold, check out his painting, “Guilt” in the Rabid, Wild & Docile show, availble at the gallery and online.

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