Studio Look :: Becky & Frank of Tiny Kitten Teeth

I met Becky and Frank while we were all living in New Zealand, where Frank is originally from. At the time, I was acting as an event producer for Makeshift Art Collective and Frank was playing in a local band that I brought on for one of our events. I met Becky after she moved to NZ to be with Frank and the lovely couple were always super excited about helping with some of the wacky projects Makeshift had going on – whether it be painting a life-sized cardboard cow or participating in a sing-along – they were happy to step up and lend a hand.

Their warmth and enthusiasm for what they do has made it wonderful to watch their lives and talents unfold as they take on creating art together. They have now since moved from NZ to LA and I am happy to hear that the creative opportunities are abounding for this dynamic duo. If you are not familiar with their web comic, Tiny Kitten Teeth, please check it out and if you are, you’ll be excited that they will be making a hardcover book soon, thanks to an overwhelming show of support on Kickstarter. It’s no wonder these two exceeded their goal by thousands of dollars, since they’re both so talented and kind! In addition to being a fantastic painter with style reminiscent to classic gouache illustrations such as the ones found in Golden Books, Becky is no stranger to the art toy scene. Have a look at the images below and see if you can spot her prototype by Cherry Vinyl while you enjoy a look into their studio.

Thanks to Frank for these pictures!

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