MEET x myplasticheart Curated Lamps Event



MEET The Artists – Curated Lamps Event

We would like to invite you to a special event happening at MEET on Chrystie in NYC on Tuesday July 19th starting at 6:30PM. myplasticheart was given the honor of curating an exhibit around designer toy artists Justin Alan Volpe, kaNO and Brent Nolasco with their works displayed above ground within “Favorite Things” Lamps created by Chen Karlsson.

Artists Brent Nolasco and Justin Alan Volpe will be in attendance for the evening. And MEET will offer their signature wine and cheese service to enhance what is sure to be a fantastic evening.

RSVP for the event:

Date: Tuesday July 19th, 2016
Location: MEET on Chrystie, 195 1/2 Chrystie Street Suite 200
Time: 6:30pm-8:00pm

About Brent Nolasco
“The development of my art involves constant evolution to new ideas and new forms. Progression and change are what I live for. My art gives me the opportunity to create different situations and environments from the landscapes in my mind. I like to break down and rebuild surfaces using various mixed media. Everything in my life and art intermingle into harmony for me.”

About Justin Alan Volpe
“For me, my artwork is like operating a pop culture time machine focusing on characters from my youth that continue to entertain me into adulthood. Using toys and pop culture iconography as the primary vehicle to tell my story, I make connections with my audience through their sense of nostalgia, to share in some of their happiest memories.

POPprolific pieces are designed to be interacted with, to be played with, and to further an individual’s concept of imaginative play.”

About kaNO
In true city kid fashion, kaNO graduated from the High School of Art & Deisgn and went on to obtain a BFA in Animation at the School of Visual Arts in 1999. From the silver screen to galleries and even on to toy shelves across the world, kaNO’s style is distinctly recognizable as his own. As his creative pursuits expand, so does his ever growing list of clients and exhibitions.

In 2010 kaNO moved out to Los Angeles with his family, where he freelances as a character designer for such studios as Warner Bros, Cartoon Network, and Hasbro. When he’s not making cartoons you can find him working on paintings, commissions and designing product for his brand ‘kaNO kid’ at his art studio in Burbank, CA.

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