Hanna-Barbarians Sneak Peek: Paul Shih (Part 1)

Paul Shih is one of the participating artists in our upcoming Hanna-Barbarians group show. Paul is submitting two pieces to the show, both featuring characters from one of his favorite cartoons interacting with his own characters. Here are some images of one of the pieces, with a certain dog I am sure many of you will recognize. The piece also has a cameo from Bevil, Paul’s devilish broccoli character. You may remember Sunshine Bevil from mph’s booth at last year’s NYCC. In addition to creating great 2D pieces of art, Paul has been self-producing his own toys for awhile now. His Sushi Kaiju figure was up for a Designer Toy Award last year for “Best Self Produced Toy”.  There’s news that he’ll be releasing a new figure, Rottey, soon. More info. to come about that, but in the meantime, check out these work in progress shots!







Come to the opening on April 19 to see the full painting!

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