Lush Natura Teaser

Here is the first teaser from our upcoming exhibition, Lush Natura, featuring the work of Tatiana Suarez and Jason Levesque, opening Friday, May 24 from 6 – 9pm. Today we have a preview from both artists. To see the full paintings, come to the opening and, in case you can’t make it there, then be sure to sign up for the preview list by emailing:

First up is Tati Suarez, well-known for her doe-eyed beauties. This piece exudes exotic elegance but the scales and fins make you ponder this beauty’s back-story.


Next up is one of Jason Levesque’s pieces. The oozing eyes really make this one for me. In the majority of his work, Jason plays with elements that will both attract and repulse you in one glance. This one is no exception.


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