New Moon 2011 – Patrick Gannon

The 3rd annual New Moon show will be taking place this Friday the 11th from 6 – 9pm at myplasticheartNYC.  Twenty-four (24) artists in different artistic backgrounds will be displaying their interpretations of the twelve (12) Chinese zodiac animals.  Leading up to the show we will be introducing you to each artist participating in the show.

Patrick Gannon – Tokyo, Japan – Zodiac Sign Chosen – Tiger and Rabbit

Animals are a mystery.  In our need to understand them, we give them human names, dress them up in tiny clothes.  We assign each breed or species an emotion: aloof, loyal, gluttonous, courageous.  Twelve of them sit above the rest; we define ourselves by their attributes.  But instinct runs raw through their bones and fur.  Even the most domesticated hides a beast inside.  

The animals of my Zodiac are flesh and fur.  But that is not all.  They are also the spirit behind those animals.  The one prime, perfect archetype of that beast.  Vast and powerful forces of nature.  Their actions create and move the world.  Their breath is life and the waxing and waning of the universe.

There is a primitive quality to paper. It is rough, textured, basic, pure.  Jagged edges crash against soft curves and spirals.  Deep, tactile textures and saturated colors run alongside ancient patterns and the natural grain of wood.  Mythology, the supernatural, American pop culture and Japanese tradition mingle, giving form to a wondrous, dangerous and familiarly alien world of emotion, spirit and thought.

Patrick  Gannon’s artwork is created entirely of cut-paper (and often wood) in his studio in Tokyo, Japan, where he lives with his amazing wife and a very, very large collection of paper from all over the world.  At once dark and playful, pensive and optimistic, the inhabitants of his work combine spirit and concept with the gorgeous textures of hand-made papers.  His artwork brings together influences from his life and experiences in urban Japan with his upbringing on a farm in New Jersey where he was surrounded and occasionally attacked  by animals and the natural world.  Fascinated from an early age by the mythology and fables created to explain the world around us, he builds up layers of paper and meaning to explore and reveal.  After studying literature at Providence College, Rhode Island, he went on to receive his MFA in illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design.  He has exhibited throughout the United States and in Tokyo.

New Moon : Interpretations of the Chinese Zodiac 2011
February 11th 2011
6:00PM – 9:00PM
Exhibition runs until 03.13.11

210 Forsyth St.
Lower East Side
New York

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