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We’re excited to share with you previews this week in anticipation of the upcoming exhibition, Works Cited, opening this Friday, April 11 from 6 – 9pm. Up first is the work of Brian Butler, who redrew the cover of RL Stine’s The Haunted Mask, an early book from the Goosebumps series.

About the work Brian says, “I drew it because at least once a year, around Halloween, I think of the story. I used to go into seasonal spook shops in the mall and basically try on every single mask. I’d roar or yell in different voices and try to scare my younger brother. A shriek from my brother could only be attributed to the design of the mask, as I was indifferent to the use of surprise, and would pop up with different faces with assembly line precision. My grandfather would grow impatient with my costume charades, and try to save my sibling by derailing my experiment with logic. ‘Do you know how many other kids put on those masks?’ he’d say, ‘If just one kid sneezed in that mask before you, it will make you sick.’ I’d be unfazed, all I would hear is ‘You are behind on your research. Everyone else already conducted this experiment on their younger brother.'”

 “Fortunately for my test subject brother, I eventually read The Haunted Mask, and it changed my perspective. My excitement to try on every mask in the spook shop became a cautious gamble with one or two masks. And even those wouldn’t fully be put on my head, for fear that they’d wrap and fuse to my face, leaving me a grotesque troll, bound to live in a cave forever. RL Stine wrote an effective book that haunts me to this day. I was certainly a fan of the entire Goosebumps series, but that story in particular stuck with me.”

Thanks to Brian for sharing the backstory to this fantastic piece!

If you’d like to see the full show before the opening, please email us at to be added to the preview list.

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“Works Cited” Group Exhibition
Opens 6 – 9pm, Friday, April 11, 2014 at myplasticheart; Runs through May 11, 2014

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