Rabid, Wild & Docile: Mini-interview with Fish McGill

We spoke to Rabid, Wild & Docile artist, Fish McGill about his interest in using bears in his illustrations. Have a read below to find out where the inspiration for his work came from and get a closer look at “Totem Bears”, “The Three Bears”, “Mad Max Thunderdome Bear” and “All Business Bear”. We asked for bears and he gave us heaps of them! Thanks, Fish!

Where did the idea for your pieces come from?
The ideas for these bears came from spending time at the Harvard Museum of Natural History and wishing there were more contemporary bears in there like the Mad Max Thunderdome Bear.

What is appealing to you about bears that make them appear in your work?
Bears are reliable and good to have on your side. They look and act kind but they can rip your head off if necessary – a good way to live.

Why do you think there has been a high occurrence of artists choosing to portray bears in their work?
I think it has to do with that Bear Force One video.

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