Rabid, Wild & Docile: Mini-interview with Podgy Panda

Here is another mini-interview with a Rabid, Wild & Docile artist. Podgy Panda has been a friend of mine for awhile now and it has been great to watch his talents grow. His illustrations have transformed over this past year into really detailed works of art that I look forward to catching a glimpse of every time he comes out with something new. For the RWD show he really ramped up the detail work, creating a panda out of tiny pandas. Just have a look at the detail shots below and you’ll know why the title of this piece, “Pandas, Pandas, Pandas ’till my eyes bleed”, is fitting.

Where did the idea for this piece come from?
I’ve always liked the intricate nature of a crammed doodled space, something about being able to focus on the same spot and finding something new (which probably came from growing up with a load of Where’s Wally. That or having a stupidly short attention span 😛 ). I have always worked with the restrictions of an A4 sized paper, but 2012 is all about pushing myself and looking for new directions and mediums, I figured I’d give wood a go, and at a scale I’ve never worked before (go big of go home, right?)

Why do bear characters play a significant role in your work?
The panda bear has always been a part of my work, they’re just so… round headed and retarded (in a good way). It makes giving them personality very easy, and  I have always been fond of drawing them.

Why do you think there has been a high occurrence of artists choosing to portray bears in their work?
Probably for the same reason as above; they are simplistic, identifiable and easy to give personalities.

Thanks, Podgy Panda!

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